The work-from-home pajama office fashion primer

For some reason, work-from-home hermits, freelancers and digital nomads have a “thing” for working in their pajamas. Here are our top tips to rock those PJs.

I recently reported how writers, stay-at-home parents and online marketing geeks had chosen careers as professional hermits.

Thousands of work-from-home hermits responded, confessing that they were wearing their pajamas while reading my column. Fortunately very few sent me photos. Instead, they sent me questions. Here are some of the questions they asked: [Read more…]

Top six branding factors to consider when designing a logo step-by-step

Want a logo for your new business? There are fun ways to do that, without breaking the bank.

The first most important thing about branding is your logo. Make no mistake, your logo is not your brand. Your brand is how people feel about your company or products. It’s how they react when they see your store or hear your name. Or when they see your symbols.

Those symbols include your staff uniforms, your slogan and your colors. But your logo is the most important symbol of your brand, so you had best get it right.

Here are six things to watch for when creating a logo:

[Read more…]

My career as a professional work-from-home hermit

Freelancers and digital nomads don’t “go to work”. But they still work away in their caves. Welcome to my career as a professional hermit.

You’ve seen them, those work from home ads:

“Work from home. Make big bucks in your pajamas.”

Quick. What do writers, stay-at-home parents and online marketing geeks have in common? I mean, besides insanity, and presumably a pajama fetish?

They are all hermits. [Read more…]

Twitter tips for SEO – how Twitter can help your website or blog rank higher

Can Twitter help your SEO efforts? Yes, it can. This is the story of how we boosted rankings for a client page. Twitter was a big part of it.

A client wanted one page on its big, institutional website to rank higher for a specific search term. The page was one of several hundred similar pages. Like the others, it was well-optimized on the page:

  • H1
  • H2
  • title tag
  • image captions
  • image file names
  • the text on the page

The page was ranking in the 21-23 range on Google. The client wanted to boost it to the first page – quickly!

We did an analysis: [Read more…]

4 keyword research pitfalls that will ruin your SEO to oblivion

The SEO landscape can be unforgiving to those who cut corners.

Picture this: you pour in thousands of dollars building links. You finally manage to reach the first page. Plus, you went all in and got your hands dirty with pay-per-click (PPC).

But, wait. Despite ranking first and running PPC campaigns, your site isn’t raking in the cash.

Then it hits you — you were targeting the wrong keywords all along.

You rushed your keyword research. You didn’t think it through. You didn’t study user intent before matching keywords to content. You didn’t do your homework.

Oops. [Read more…]

11 ways to hand-craft the best URL structure for traffic and SEO

When building a URL structure, there are many factors to consider. Here are 11 ways to create the perfect URL for both traffic and SEO.

Before you start, you want URLs that:

  • are easy to link to
  • search engines like
  • people can easily remember
  • tell people what your pages are all about

The URL structure is everything that comes after the domain name. Choosing a domain name is important, but that is an article in its own right. We won’t address it here. Choosing whether to use subdomains or folders for large sections of a website is another related debate that we’ll pass on for today. [Read more…]

3 fundamental strategies to get a winning logo

Logo design seems simple. but it’s worth the time to do it right. Here are three strategies to help you get the most out of your logo design.

Everybody has a logo. Little League teams have logos. Hair salons have logos. Big companies, small companies…everybody.

A few of the logos are actually good.

By “good”, I don’t mean that I like them. I mean that they achieve what they are meant to achieve. They are winning logos.

Here are three strategies to help you get a winning logo. [Read more…]

What’s so special about WordPress SEO?

WordPress SEO isn’t all that different from SEO on any other website. However, some of the mechanics are unique to WordPress, so it’s worth knowing what to look for. Here are 11 handy tips.

Google ranks all websites together in one pot. It does not separate out WordPress sites for a special index.  That means that WordPress SEO is, at its base, no different than SEO for any other website.

As with any other website, you need both on-page and off-site SEO – both proper coding and content and good links and social signals.

As with any other website, it’s not how good your SEO is, it’s how much better (or worse) it is compared to the competition.

As with any other website, the title tag is prime real estate, as are the h tags and the bold tags.

As with any other website, the speed of loading and the mobile compatibility are crucial.

As with any other website, you need to know which search terms (keywords) people are searching for and, more importantly, which ones convert. [Read more…]

SEO Analysis – things everyone should know about their website

Most people know surprisingly little about their website. Unless you are the coder, chances are you know less than you think.

I recently had some work done on my writing website, making it fully responsive, tinkering with the content, boosting the speed and making some other adjustments. I wanted to see how it would perform.  So I put it through Neil Patel’s SEO Analyzer.

SEO Analyzer allows you to compare your site to three other domains, so I typed in three  significant competitors. Then you get three PDFs:

Small business hit in the pocketbook by Google Keyword Planner changes

Google has been busy, busy, busy with its Keyword Planner tool these past few weeks. The fun began in June, when several users complained that it was suddenly mandatory to have at least one active Adwords campaign to access the Keyword Planner.

A few days of outrage later, Google clarified that this was a technical glitch and would be fixed.

Oops.  Hehe. [Read more…]