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What sets our team of article marketers apart: We understand the value of online articles to promote both your reputation and better search engine rankings.

Article marketing for enhanced reputation and better search engine rankings

If you are shopping on price rather than on quality, you are definitely in the wrong place. For the lowest price, go to Freelancer.com. For the highest quality, read on.

Most article marketing programs on the Internet cost very little and are worth even less. There are several factors that distinguish our article marketing campaigns for you:

Quality information: Even thought we try to rely on you to provide the bulk of the information (who knows your business better than you?), we organize the information into an article that is useful or unique or both – something that people would want to read and share in social media like FaceBook and Twitter, unlike the majority of drivel that passes for “content” in the article banks of the Internet.

Correct writing: This probably would go without saying, except that the Internet article banks are full of poor spelling and incorrect grammar and word usage. Guess how useful that trash will be to you?

SEO Optimization: Our articles are optimized for the search engines, to help your website rank better. A quick browse through the article banks, and you can see how few articles actually are properly optimized.

Natural link-building: This is so important. You get to place a link in your articles…or more than one if you pay attention. We pay attention, not just to the number of links, but to the quality of links. The big challenge the search engines have is to weed out and discount automation from its rankings.

We automation-proof your articles, so that they will stand up to whatever algorithm changes the search engines will undertake to devalue the links your competition are building through automation (or what might appear to be automatic submissions).

The extra work involved in automation-proofing the submissions process is why we can’t – and won’t – compete on price. We believe that every penny you spend on those cheap article submission campaigns will be wasted in the long run – and might even sink your website. Your article marketing campaign with us will stand the test of time.

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