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What sets The Happy Guy Marketing apart: We know how to write effective copy that engages the reader, without wasting unnecessary words.

You might need a business writer to prepare a report or to write a pamphlet, to word an ad or to write an effective letter. Whatever your project, you want every word to count. Business must get to the point and do it quickly.

But it also has to engage, even to inspire. Yes, business communication needs to inspire, because you want action, whether from customers, the public or the government. If your message inspires or motivates, your audience is much more likely to take the action you want. Your words must build trust, hold interest, and help your readers nod their heads or ask, “How can I get one of those for myself?”

“Business writing is all about making an impact…YOUR impact.”

What we do for you

Power Curve - sample corporate brochure

Our freelance business writers work with you to understand your product, your audience, your desired outcomes and how we can develop words that will deliver the message you need to make an impact. To the right is an example of an eight-page brochure we prepared for one of the top metal-bending companies in the United States. We planned the concept, gathered the information, wrote the copy, prepared the design, printed and shipped the brochure.

We have also developed a bit of a specialty in finance writing, having run several finance-related blogs and written several finance books. Whether you need a manuscript for an investing book or a personal finance blog to be written, we can help.

Which should I write: a white paper or a book?

If you are not sure whether you should have a white paper or a book written, consider this:

  • A white paper can display your company’s knowledge, particularly aboiut a very specific aspect of your niche. It is ideal for reporting on case studies or readhing a specific vertical or market segment. A white paper works only in B2B marketing.
  • A book is better to impress people with your overall knowledge, to make you a thought leader and to reach a consumer audience.
  • If you are trying to reach a business audience, sometimes both a book and white papers work best. The book to focus on the personal reputation of the entrepreneur or company head, and the white papers to target specific market niches.
  • Whatever your requirements, our ghostwriters can write your book or your white papers for you.

Let us write the words that make your business work.

Want to hire a freelance business writer?

If you are looking for a freelance business writer or editor for your marketing materials, special report, speech, book, website copy or other project, contact The Happy Guy Marketing for a free quote. The more details you provide, the better we can serve you. Fill in the form to get your free quote now.