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What sets The Happy Guy Marketing apart: One size does not fit all. We analyze your strengths and opportunities to build a positive online reputation for you in the search engines.

Reputation management for small business, consultants, job hunters and entrepreneurs

It’s amazing what some people will say. And what lengths they will go to say it. Even though you try to be accommodating, there will always be some disgruntled employee, jealous boyfriend, unsatisfied customer or other detractor ready to post all sorts of nasty things about you on the Internet.

Some of it might even be true…but with a nasty twist. Some of it might be pure fabrication. Either way, there is little you can do to stop them.

But the worst part is that when somebody Google’s your name, or your business name, they find something entitle “scam report” and your name or business name attached to it. Or “poor credit report” with your name attached to it.

Good news – there is something you can do. There is something we can do for you, with your help. A complete reputation management program using SEO techniques. In most cases, we can create enough positive news for you, bring that news to the forefront of the search engines, so that a potential customer, partner, supplier or employer is not distracted from your good news.

One caveat: if you have a very common name, such as “Bob Smith” and you live in a big town, such as Chicago, this technique won’t work. Let’s face it, a search for “Bob Smith Chicago” will turn up all sorts of people and really be of very little use to anyone checking you out.

However, if you have a unique name or a unique business name with a reputation to protect – or fix! – we can help.

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