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What sets our fiction writers apart: Our writers understand how to take your plot and character and make them sound like you would write them if you had the skill and/or time to do so.

Sometimes the story is in you, but you need somebody to bring it out. The characters are there, but they need to come alive. The plot is ripe, but needs to be unfolded. That’s why we are here. We can put your thoughts and ideas into a book of just about any length, in any genre. Or maybe the book has come out, but just needs some polishing. Our fiction manuscript editors can help.

“Your book must captivate readers to touch them.”

What we do for your manuscript

We start by organizing your information. Ideally you have both plot and characters for your novel already figured out…but if not, we can help you with that, too.

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What writing requests we get the most

Most popular book genres

These are some of our past book writing projects. We don’t use real names for ghost writing to protect client confidentiality – many of our clients are sensitive about identifying the use of ghost writers for their books:

  • G. has been working on a romance novel. She made quite a bit of progress, but got bogged down and realized that she needed help to add in sections and to gvie more structure to what she had already written. Not only did we help her bring her first novel in for a landing, but we have begun to help her scope out her second novel, too.
  • P. is also back for his second novel. His first work of fiction was a modern thriller, with true-to-life characters and a chilling plot. The next book promises to be just as captivating.
  • J. wants to write a fantasy novel. He has all the ideas for characters and much of the plot, and he is sure he has a best seller on his hands. But he needs help to bring some elements of the plot together, and he needs a top-notch writer to make it sound like a best-seller. One of our freelance ghost writers, who has published her own works and studied fantasy novels, has taken on this project.
  • W. already wrote his Christian novel, and he’s been editing for two years. It’s time to get a third party to look it over. This is actually a small project, so we’ll have W. ready to publish in no time.

We have real experience writing books of all genres, fiction and non-fiction.

Samples of books we have written or edited

Just a small sampling of those books we are at liberty to reveal…

Praise for our story writers

We don’t claim to have the best book writers – we let our satisfied clients tell you instead. (Read more testimonials here.)

I feel right now as if my book is already published and you have written the first–and best–review it could have… All I can say is, thank you! for your professional editing and your wonderful words… Again, I couldn’t be more pleased with your work, and your reaction to the novel itself has given me a great deal of inspiration to continue on to publication.

Oh wow, I am crying. It is beautiful. And I am not just saying that because it is my book and all. It flows smoothly. I am pleased. I am confident I will land a contract with that. Now I feel confident. I didn’t feel that confidence before with my manuscript. Being a writer, I know that my manuscript didn’t have the smoothness I was aiming for. Thanks so much.

The book, ‘The High-Tech Gooseneck Putter,’ is at the publishers. Outskirts Press reviewer wrote that the story was unique and well crafted. He continued, ‘A Fun Read.’ I can’t write enough praises for Kristin Johnson, her being and writing skills. I would make a suggestion and she would put it into words, what I in visioned. Thank you, for your help in making my dream come true. I’m sure that I will be using your services in the future.

Thank you so much for this fantastic work. I’m extremely impressed , not only by the top-notch quality of the writing and managing to adapt to the “voice” of the other stories but also your ability to have completed this project in such short time. I love the way you’ve managed to amend and convert these stories to such fascinating and page-turner book. Thanks also for the outstanding query letter and synopsis.

I am very very happy with the outcome! Debra was fabulous to work with and an amazing person! I highly recommend her for future projects. She will definitely be my choice again.

5 stars – 5 reviews

Let us take your story from inspired idea to published book, with words that captivate your readers.

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