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What sets The Happy Guy Marketing apart: We don’t just translate words. We write from scratch in French authentic copy the reader can relate to. We speak their language.

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Believe it or not, English is not the only language on the Internet. It is the biggest, certainly with the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, India and New Zealand all surfing primarily in English.

But your customers and website visitors might speak many other languages. Did you know that one in four people in Canada speak French as their first language? Or that most of the western hemisphere speaks Spanish, including an increasingly affluent portion of the United States? And that both of these are world languages?

“If the customer is always right, speak to her in her own language.”

What our translation service does for you

We can provide in-house translation and localization services from English to French or from French to English and localization for your website, pamphlets, letters, legal documents, marketing materials, books, articles and more. Our top freelance translator has served Federal Court judges, translating official court documents under their direction. The utmost care and precision had to be taken, for obvious reasons.

We can also arrange for quality translation into other languages, such as Spanish or German, and localization for the specific culture. And we can translate between French and Spanish, too. Best of all, we can advise on the most effective way to integrate foreign languages into your website, both for the benefit of your visitors and for the best search engine rankings in each language.

Need your French or Spanish or German text optimized (SEO) for the search engines? No problem. The same rules apply in any language. We can boost your rankings in any language that uses the same alphabet.

We translate from French to English or from English to French for $0.22 per word, up to 10,000 words of simple text. Complex topics will cost more. Beyond 10,000 words, we give a volume discount, sometimes up to 25%. Rates are similar for other languages, either through our in-house service or through our partners.

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Thanks for meeting our last-minute deadlines for the show once again. Everything went off like clockwork, and it is good to know we can rely on you.

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