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What sets our Christian writers apart: Their skill is matched only by their commitment to ensuring your message, your inspiration is delivered.

Sometimes the inspiration is in you, but you can’t find the right sequence of words to express your revelation. That is why our freelance Christian ghostwriters are ready to help. We can put your thoughts, ideas and inspiration into an article or book of just about any length, written in your voice so as to best communicate exactly what is in your heart. And if you have already put your ideas into words but somehow it does not seem quite ready for publishing, our manuscript editors can help you perfect your text.

“Your book must captivate readers’ hearts to reach their souls.”

What we do for your manuscript

We start by organizing your information – your thoughts and ideas. Most topics can be organized in several ways, so we will work together on that. We will write the chapter titles first, then map out your information across the chapters. Sometimes chapter titles will change after the writing. That’s OK.

There is more to writing a book than just one flowing text. For instance, if you wish, we’ll prepare your:

  • call-out boxes (perhaps with biblical versus).
  • case studies or true-life stories.
  • subtitles or section titles.
  • illustration captions.
  • games or quizzes
  • whatever other elements you want us to include to bring your views to life in the reader’s mind

What writing requests we get the most

We thought you would be interested to see that we get quite a few requests for religious manuscripts (and it should be noted that many of the biographies requested are the result of a sudden revelation a person has experienced that has changed his or her life):

Most popular book genres

These are some of our recent book writing projects. We don’t use real names for ghost writing to protect client confidentiality – many of our clients are sensitive about identifying the use of ghost writers for their books:

  • P. has seen a vision and gained a new understanding that he wants to share with others, but he was never very good with words. We have some words to help him.
  • R. sees too much going on wrong about him and he believes the world needs a shot of justice. He wants to write a Christian-based book to deliver a wake-up call to action. He really does not know where to begin. One of our ghost writers, who has written on Christian themes and delivered related speeches is helping him organize his thoughts and write the book.
  • W. already wrote his Christian novel, and he’s been editing for two years. It’s time to get a third party to look it over. This is actually a small project, so we’ll have W. ready to publish in no time.
  • B. is a pastor. He has years of sermons, neatly organized, that he wants edited, upgraded and combined into an inspiring manuscript to shre beyond his own congregation.

Samples of books we have written or edited

Just a small sampling of those books we are at liberty to reveal…

The five steps to write a book:

  1. Organize your thoughts. We help you do this if you wish, but it is usually best for you to do it yourself.
  2. Choose quotes, anecdotes, illustrations, historical examples, diagrams, etc. Although we can help, this is often something you will want to do yourself.
  3. Research. Depending on your topic, there might be the need for substantial additional research. This will vary from book to book and from author to author.
  4. Write. This is self-explanatory.
  5. Edit – second draft. How extensive an edit you require will depend primarily on how much of the information you want included was given to the ghost writer as part of the first three points above.

Praise for our Christian ghostwriters

Our clients give high praise for the effort and results our writers have brought to their manuscripts. (Read more testimonials here.)

I am really pleased with the effort you put into this material. I also like your style of writing; in that I see you and I are the same in telling it as it is.

Yes Thank you David!! I am very very happy with the outcome! Debra was fabulous to work with and an amazing person! I highly recommend her for future projects. She will definately be my choice again.

I can’t thank you enough for the excellent job you did. The article flows like a symphony… Of all the editors that did help me out – in my other publications – you are the best. I am very happy that I found you. and grateful for David that he recommended you. I will now submit the article for publication and if accepted I will hand you the book for your editing.

5 stars
5 stars – 3 reviews

Let us take your inspiration or revelation from idea to published book with words that captivate your readers.

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