Office policies for the home office

Most home offices are sadly lacking in office policies. This national travesty must end! Here’s how you can help, right now.

Every office needs office policies, if for no other reason to keep employees from scratching each others’ eyes out or “borrowing” company equipment.

The home office is no exception.

If you are wondering why somebody barricaded alone in his basement needs a policy to keep him from stealing his own office equipment, you have obviously never sat alone in your basement 23 hours a day, day after day, in front of a computer screen that freezes every now and then just out of sadistic spite. [Read more…]

The work-from-home pajama office fashion primer

For some reason, work-from-home hermits, freelancers and digital nomads have a “thing” for working in their pajamas. Here are our top tips to rock those PJs.

I recently reported how writers, stay-at-home parents and online marketing geeks had chosen careers as professional hermits.

Thousands of work-from-home hermits responded, confessing that they were wearing their pajamas while reading my column. Fortunately very few sent me photos. Instead, they sent me questions. Here are some of the questions they asked: [Read more…]

My career as a professional work-from-home hermit

Freelancers and digital nomads don’t “go to work”. But they still work away in their caves. Welcome to my career as a professional hermit.

You’ve seen them, those work from home ads:

“Work from home. Make big bucks in your pajamas.”

Quick. What do writers, stay-at-home parents and online marketing geeks have in common? I mean, besides insanity, and presumably a pajama fetish?

They are all hermits. [Read more…]