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What sets The Happy Guy Marketing apart: We think like journalists. We write like journalists. We have experience in the world of the media.

Experienced press release writers

Writing a press release, properly called a “news release” (the press does not actually need to be released in a free country) is an area of significant specialization. An effective news release addresses the unique perspective journalists bring to their jobs.

The most successful news release is the one that an editor can insert into a newspaper without changing a comma.

My website has really started to grow over the past few weeks, mostly due to the press release you and Corey wrote.

Thank you for the press release!

It looks good.

5 stars
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Of course, major newspapers and magazines will still want to write their own stories from scratch, but they will have been saved the process of trying to imagine how a story could be crafted from your release. And with press releases piling up on their desk, that gives yours an unfair advantage over your competition.

Smaller press will often take a well-written press release and run with it “as is”, rather than trying to rewrite your competition’s poorly-written release. In fact, we’ve even had major wire services run with the first few paragraphs of press releases we’ve written.

“The easier you make it for the media to say ‘Eureka’, the more likely your story will be delivered.”

What our writers do for you

We organize the information you might want in a news release. Next we determine what is the single most important message you want delivered. We look next at what types of media or journalists might be interested in the story.

Then we work on the most newsworthy angle. Or angles. There might be a business angle, a sports angle and a pet care angle to a particular story.

The next step is to write a draft press release as close to what the media will be looking for as possible. It is at that point that we determine if there should be several different news releases.

Why would there be several different news releases? One reason would be if there are several angles written for different departments (business, sports, pet care, for example).

Another reason for multiple news releases is if the news can be localized, perhaps by quoting a local sales rep or office manager, perhaps by providing local statistics, perhaps by using a local example. Localization works wonders with the media, and is worth the time and effort.

We work with you to build as many versions of your press release as would be effective.

Let us write your press release for maximum media coverage.

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