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A free gift for you!





If you sign a book-writing contract (minimum 30,000 words) with us in the next 30 days, we will give you ONE of the following free gifts (your choice!):


1. Planning to self-publish?

If you plan to self-publish, we will produce cover art for you, including:

  • The title and subtitle of the book
  • The author’s name as you want it to appear
  • Any photo you want on the front cover.
  • Any photo you want on the back cover
  • All text for the back cover (summary, testimonial, etc.) – we will write the summary for you
  • The exact cover specifications your printer provided
  • Your ISBN (book number) and bar code that you supply to us.

2. Planning to approach a publishing house or literary agency?

If you plan to approach a publishing house or literary agent, we will supply your pitch, including

  • Query letter
  • Synopsis


Please present the code when we are ready to prepare your contract.


Important: This offer expires on .