How to promote your blog in 111 easy steps

Call me lazy, but I’m going to throw stuff today.

First, I’m going to throw a list at you. Yes, that means I don’t have to do the fancy writing I love so much. But, wait! Coming up with 111 easy tips to promote your blog takes time and effort. In fact, more effort than letting the words pour out. Just so you know that I’m not really being lazy.

Second, I’m going to throw out a challenge. Tell me how many of these 111 tips you are already doing. Then come back in one month and tell me how many you are doing by then. Let’s see who gives their blog promotion the biggest kick in the caboose!

111 ways to promote your blog

111 easy ways to promote your blog

  • Make sure your RSS is functioning.
  • Ask your friends to add your RSS feed to Twitterfeed.
  • Join Triberr and start participating in as many tribes as possible.  Add your RSS feed to your Triberr account so that other people will share your posts on social media.
  • Submit your RSS feed to RSS directories.  But only to the high quality ones, please.  There’s a lot of trash out there.
  • Build an email list. Du-uh, everybody says that, so I can’t leave it out.
  • Use the list to promote your most important posts.  Send more than one email.  You can send an “It’s coming” email.  Then an “It’s here email.”  Then a trivia question or feedback email about the post.  Don’t do this every week.
  • Promote your blog - Add your post to RSS via Twitterfeed
  • Create an editorial calendar, as Neal Patel suggests in his now famous guide to creating a money-making blog.  But here’s a twist – share it with some of your blogging friends and your social media audience.  Get them excited about your content before it’s even written.
  • Make sure you have the major social buttons on your posts – at the top, at the bottom and floating down the side, if possible. Make it easy for your readers to promote your blog.
  • Prompt readers to share at the end of each post. Encourage them to promote your blog.
  • Make your best posts “sticky” on your home page.
  • Include a tweetable link in your post, pulling a quote from the text.
    • Promote your latest post in your email signature.  Give people the ultimate up-to-the-minute link to follow.
    • Blog directories.  OK, that was too obvious.
    • Interact with your Twitter followers and FaceBook fans.  You can do that while watching TV.  It’s easy.
    • What questions does your blog post answer?  Find those questions on Quora and use your post as part of your answer.
    • Use hashtags on Pinterest. They are not just for Twitter anymore.
    • Find large Pinterest group boards and get permission to pin to them.
    • Include a header pic, with a title that shows up well.
    • Include a message pic that people can share on social media.  Think of it as a mini infographic. There’s a great example here.
    • Use a Pinterest plugin that puts the pin button right on each image.
    • People love sharing motivational quotes. An image with a quote on it is always a bonus in a blog post.
    • Create stand-alone quote images just for social media to build a following.  They don’t have to be in a blog post.
    • Promote your blog - Motivational quotes
    • Participate in FaceBook groups for bloggers.  Active ones routinely share each other’s posts and leave comments on your blog.
    • Join mastermind groups anywhere you can (like on Skype or Slack), so as to network with other bloggers.
    • Start your own mastermind and post-sharing group with like-minded bloggers.
    • Find communities or groups in your niche on Google Plus, LinkedIn and FaceBook, and participate.
    • Create your own-topic focused group on LinkedIn, FaceBook or Google Plus.
    • Create a weekly topic-focused Twitter Chat.
    • Participate in other Twitter Chats to build a bigger network.
    • Tweet many times.  There are social automation tools for that.
    • Retweet your old posts. There are plugins for that.
    • Link back to old posts from new posts.
    • Of course, make sure there is a link to your blog in all your social media profiles.
    • Create mini-posts from your post to publish on FaceBook, Google Plus and Tumblr.  People can click through to the full post to read more.
    • Attend live events to make real-world connections.  Face-to-face makes the strongest allegiances.
    • Get star power.  Hire Beyoncé to sing a song about your blog.
    • If Beyoncé  is too expensive, my daughter will sing for slightly less.
    • Comment on other blogs in your niche.  Say what you think.  Add value.  And always be polite. It’s the single best way to start building relationships.
    • Guest post anywhere you can.  You open yourself up to new audiences every time.
    • Post a video on YouTube as a teaser for your post.
    • Post the outline of your post on Slideshare. People will click to read the details.
    • If you have employees, contractors, family or others you can count on, give them suggested tweets or FaceBook messages for them to use.
    • Use a different hashtag each time you tweet.
    • Pin your latest post to the top of your Twitter streams.
    • Pin your latest post to the top of your Google Plus profile.
    • Pay.  Twitter and FaceBook are both happy to accept your cash in return for promoting your content. So are most other social media.
    • Retweet when people tweet your post.
    • Say “Thank you” when people share your content.
    • Say “Yes” when asked to participate in a round-up post. Somebody will notice.
    • Do a monthly round-up post of your own. The more influencers participate within your posts, the more they’ll participate in promoting your posts
    • Find people who have shared similar content and let them know about your post.  They might share yours, too.
    • Find people who have linked to similar content and let them know about your post.  They might link to yours, too.
    • Promote your blog - Blog commenting builds valuable relationships
    • Quote other bloggers in your post, then let them know.
    • Ask social media influencers for a quote, then let them know when your post is live.
    • If you mention or link to other bloggers in your post, tag them on FaceBook, Twitter and Google Plus.  Do NOT randomly tag people.  #MyPetPeeve
    • Promote your content on other blogs through a native content network.
    • Target a keyword in each blog post, and try to incorporate it in the title.
    • Write a clear title that offers a benefit to readers.  That’s how to get them to click on it.
    • Use “How to” in your headline.  People always want to know how to do something.
    • Use an SEO plugin to create custom meta tags.
    • Publish in the morning for more traffic and better social reach.
    • Include a number in your title.  That tells people they’ll find specific information.  I used 111 in this post’s title. Did I write 111 tips?  I honestly didn’t count – who has the time?  Really, it was either that or proofread.
    • Proofread your posts. Nobody wants to share a mess with their followers.
    • Don’t count words.  Just make sure you cover the topic, and cover it well.  In 100 words or in 10,000 words, whatever it takes to do it well.
    • Give people an easy summary to cut and paste into social media.  It could be an intro paragraph, for example.
    • Participate in post-sharing communities, such as Viral Content Bee.
    • Submit other bloggers’ posts to social media. Make sure to tag them, so they know.
  • Comment on other bloggers’ posts on social media.  This is how you build a network.
  • Syndicate your blog posts on LinkedIn and Medium.  Wait a couple months, then republish (best to republish with some edits to avoid duplicate content and to address the variations in audience).
  • Hire a virtual assistant to help you do more promoting in less time.
  • Give your blog a catchy name – a brand!
  • Create a logo, and use it as an avatar across all social platforms for better brand recognition.
  • Do a weekly round-up of best posts in your niche.  Make sure to let the other bloggers know that their posts have been chosen.
  • Promote your blog - Pinterest group boards
  • Invite others to guest blog on your blog.  They will share their post with their audiences.
  • Turn a few posts into PDF eBooks, and offer them as an incentive to sign up for your list.
  • Update old content.
  • Better yet, write a more-up-to-date version of the old content.
  • Add a cartoon.  People love cartoons, and they are great for social sharing.
  • Get interviewed by a local newspaper.
  • Hold a contest.  People love contests.
  • Participate in linkies. This will drive a fairly involved audience in certain niches.
  • Interview niche experts and other bloggers.  People tend to share interviews of themselves with their followers.


  1. Great tips. Some are more challenging than others, though. Contests can be really tough to get off the ground and there are legalities to consider.

    Marketoonist is a super source for cartoons in our niche. And he lets us use them for free on personal blogs (with attribution and a link).

    Kristi Hines got a ton of traction doing her Fetching Friday link roundups. That is one thing I should probably start doing.

  2. Christopher Jan Benitez says

    If I only had the money to pay Beyonce to sing a song about my blog…

    But seriously, awesome stuff! It may not be as comprehensive and doesn’t tell readers exactly how these tips are done, but they provide enough ideas to inspire bloggers to take action in their own way.

    Also, I included your article in my blog because I think my readers you have loved reading the tips you mentioned here. Hope this is fine with you. Keep up the good work!

  3. WOW – I knew there were ’50 Ways to Leave Your Lover’ – but not ‘111 Steps to Promote a Blog’ – thanks David for your advice and expertise – bookmarking this one!

  4. these can may help ful..
    1. Get very clear about your marketing message
    2. Write out your unique selling proposition
    3. Define who your ideal clients are
    4. Follow up with prospects within 24-48 hours
    5. Deliver more than expected
    6. Deliver it before its expected
    7. Implement a referral campaign
    8. Use Personality Infused Marketing™ to write a warm letter to family and friends
    9. Join a networking group
    10. Hold your own focus groups
    11. Build a mailing list
    12. Offer a bold guarantee
    13. Keep your promises (do what you say you’ll do, when you do it)
    14. Keep an abundance mindset (not a fear based scarcity one)
    15. Call up everyone you didn’t close last month and make a special offer

  5. Also: Ensure you’ve covered all the top social media channels in every spot. (I noticed Twitter missing in your floating BizSugar sharebar.)

  6. Thanks for these 111 tips. A Great comprehensive list you have here. Thanks again for sharing.