Email marketing – Do you GetResponse or focus on Constant Contact?

Once you choose an email provider for your blog or business, you are pretty much committed. So best make a very informed decision before you sign on, says guest blogger Gail Gardner.

Do you think all email providers are the same? There are some surprising differences. Choosing the best fit is important because moving an email list can result in losing a huge chunk of your subscribers.

Businesses can take a shortcut to choosing the right solution by using the same strategy for solution providers they use for choosing products: peer reviews.

Instead of using technology to automate processes, think about using technology to enhance human interaction. – Tony Zambito

Instead of popping over to Amazon, focus on sites that compare solutions. While some “Top 3” type sites choose the three with the highest affiliate commissions, there are legitimate sites that focus on comprehensive reviews. is the best of these because of the quality and quantity of their reviews. As a regular reviewer who uses G2Crowd, I know that users are asked to upload a screen capture showing they have an actual account with the solution they are reviewing. In other words, the reviews are real and true.

GetResponse Score: 4.8/5

Not surprisingly, GetResponse has the highest score on G2Crowd of all the email solution providers I checked. They get a lot of visibility because they are always rolling out new features and collaborators I personally know regularly write about them.

G2Crowd GetResponse Reviews

Most importantly, GetResponse provides mobile responsive templates that make it easy to ensure your emails display correctly on mobile devices. This is important because, in the words of Tony Zambito,“Instead of using technology to automate processes, think about using technology to enhance human interaction.” In GetResponse it is easy to drag and drop social media sharing buttons and links to your social media profiles into your saved email template.

There are eleven ratings on G2Crowd. Here is an excerpt from one of the most useful reviews:

“Make sure to browse all the of GetResponce [sic] features. It’s so much more than a simple emailing platform. You can create a-b test, have detailed realtime statistics, design responsive emails that show great both on a PC and a smartphone screen.

Also make sure you check out the new landing page creator. If you don’t already have your own landing pages, you will find great page templates for many different uses, from opt-in and sales pages to promo, download, video, about me, thank you, and Webinar pages.” ~ Angelos K, Industry Analyst / Tech Writer ~

When you are creating your emails, you can preview how they will look on smartphones. By looking at this preview you can design your mailings to be easy to reach with both thumbs.

GetResponse email can also be integrated with their landing page creator and A/B split testing. They clearly intend to provide everything you need within one platform.

Constant Contact Score: 3.5/5

Constant Contact is used more in the Enterprise / Corporate world than among small businesses and bloggers. In spite of their lower score, there are many who prefer Constant Contact.

G2Crowd Constant Contact Reviews

Surprisingly, Constant Contact chose to not provide landing pages for collecting emails. It is necessary to use a third party integration to create forms to get new list subscribers.

There are 108 ratings of Constant Contact on G2Crowd. The most mentioned pro for using Constant Contact is their phone support:

“Phone support. I’m not a super techie guy and reliable phone support is the deciding factor for many of the software programs I invest in.

Anytime I have a problem, I call them up and there is no question too simple. I’m am walked through my solution screen by screen while my patient customer service rep stands by. With Constant Contact, I feel supported at every turn. They do everything, but press SEND for me :)” ~ Mike Munter ~

Constant Contact is more expensive at every pricing tier. Just this month they did roll out a better email app for managing accounts.

How to Choose an Email Solution

Before you decide which email solution to use, always review the pricing and features to ensure that the pricing tier you are considering covers all the features you must have.

To use G2Crowd, simply search for the solutions you’re considering, check the scores and read all the reviews. Give the most credibility to those that include both pros and cons.

When evaluating anything online, I like to read all the negative reviews and then the positive reviews as these give me insights into any missing features or annoying cons that could sway my decision.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou

Gail Gardner runs Growmap, an online marketing agency focused on helping small businesses generate more traffic and more exposure to their target markets.


  1. Thanks for publishing my guest post, David. I hope people notice my process for researching and choosing between solutions. The reviews by confirmed users makes all the difference.

  2. Hi David & Gail,

    Nice job here.

    To be frank, I have no experience with either of these providers. I currently use AWeber although I have used MailChimp in the past.

    Any thoughts on these two platforms?

  3. Hi Brent,

    I’ve compared these all in other content I’ve written ( ). The drawback to AWeber is that they charge for unsubscribes which has cost people I personally know extra money. Kristi Hines of wrote about how spammers who subscribed fake email addresses which immediately bounced bumped her into the next most expensive tier. If you use AWeber you have to really stay on top of keeping your list clean especially right when they invoice.

    MailChimp is used by a lot of people, including Justin Germino of who ran into an issue. He had been using them for quite a while when they suddenly decided he broke their rules and they not only suspended his account – they broke every link in every email he had ever sent. He used the same template he had always used. They have a strict rule that your emails cannot contain affiliate links, so if you use MailChimp be certain you never do. I wonder if having an affiliate link in your content might also be against their TOS?

    GetResponse seems to have the most features including the ability to see previews of exactly what your email messages will look like on mobile devices. And their prices are lower or equal to the others I’ve reviewed. Constant Contact is pricier than the others, doesn’t provide landing pages, and doesn’t have these other features. That could be why we rarely see it compared in the communities I frequent.

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