The Newbie’s Quick-start Guide to Success on Tsu (or any other social network)

So you sign up for Tsu (or any other social network) and you don’t know what to do next.  Maybe you don’t know anybody.  Maybe you don’t know how to find great content.  What do you do?  Here is my 5-step process to not only find your way, but zip waaaaay ahead to the front of the pack before you know it.

Create a follow-worthy profile

Whatever your reason for being in a social network, the key to success is to have a big network.  But nobody will want to friend you or follow you if you look like a spammer or your account looks inactive.  It stands to reason that you should have as complete a profile as possible, but there are three crucial elements that make the biggest difference:

  1. Your profile picture or avatar.  This is critical.  Without a profile picture, you are a ghost, a void, a non-entity.  Get that up first.
  2. A header picture.  Not everyone puts up a custom header image.  If you do, you are telling the world that you are for real, that you are here to stay, and most likely a top quality user.  You are immediately much more followable.
  3. Start posting good content to your wall. Never mind if nobody sees your first few posts.  You will need to have multiple items on your wall before there is any point to attracting people to check you out.

Invite old friends

This is important on any social network, because friends are a great seed for your eventual larger network.  On Tsu, inviting friends is even more crucial because they form your family, and you will earn money for their activity as well as for your own.  If you don’t care about the money for financial or entertainment reasons, then this step is no more important on Tsu than anywhere else (but it is still important).

Join Tsu

Ask for help from the person who invited you

The person who invited you already knows people on the social network, so they can make introductions.  They will probably be happy to do so, just to be neighborly.  On Tsu, they have added incentive; if one of their “children” (somebody they invited, such as yourself) is successful, they share in the monetary benefits.

I am happy to help my children – those who sign up through my invitation.  One thing I have been doing is to feature profiles of some of my more active children.  This gives my other followers a chance to get to know them and hopefully they will gain a few new followers and friends as a result.

Here are a couple examples of profiles I have featured:

TSU profile

By the way, I am not doing these just for my children.  I am also doing profiles of other high quality users in my wider network – people I am proud to recommend to others for following or befriending.  This is social media, and part of being social is supporting others. Which leads us nicely to the next section.

Make new friends

There are good ways and bad ways of making new friends.  A whole bunch of people have already had their accounts banned for doing it the bad way.  They were dropping comments on people’s posts that were nothing more than hashtags like #follow4follow  or #followback or otherwise begging for follows.  Seriously, if you show yourself to be a spammer, is that really what will motive people to follow you?

There are some very specific tactics you can use to earn followers and friends:

  • You can comment on people’s posts.  “Cool.” or “Nice post” won’t probably get you much attention.  But a thoughtful response of substance usually will.  People will check you out, and if they like what they see (remember how important your profile is?) they will follow or friend you.
  • You can share or reshare their posts to your own wall.  People love it when you do that.
  • You can send a friend request the official, non-spammy way by pushing the button that says “Add Friend” on Tsu.  On other social networks there are official ways to add people, too.

Draw the crowds

Once you have “completed” all the steps above, you are ready to draw the crowds.  I put “completed” in quotation marks, because you never really complete those steps.  You want to keep inviting old friends and making new friends.  But once you have some friends, you have some visibility, and you can get likes, shares and comments to your posts.

The better your posts, the more shares you will get.  The more shares you get, the more new people will see your content.  The more new people see your content, the bigger your network will grow.  It’s a wonderful circle, as long as you keep coming up with amazing content.  From my experience, there are three types of content that people want to share:

  • Cute or funny viral stuff.  People love to share jokes and memes and funny GIFs, as well as pictures of cats, dogs and babies.
  • Motivational stuff.  People seem to really like to share motivational images with a message about being strong, chasing your dream, staying positive and such.
  • Authoritative stuff.  If an issue is hot, and everybody else is posting short messages about it, the person who really goes into detail and gets to the crux of the matter gets shared.  If you can establish yourself as an authority in an area, your stuff on that topic will get shared.

By the time you reach the fifth step, you are no longer a newbie.  You have a following to interact with and a base on which to grow.  It’s building that initial base that’s often the toughest for most people.

The Newbie's Quick-start Guide to Success on Tsu


  1. Inviting old friends is such a powerful tip David. We forget who we know at times after joining a new network. If I join any community I spread the word among my network of buddies. We can meet new folks but connecting with old friends through your platforms accelerates your growth on any network.

    Classic case of appreciating the riches/friends you already have to expand your presence all over the web.

    How are you enjoying Tsu so far?


  2. Hey David,

    I use TSU for a bit and it is okay. Still trying to get a hang of it to be really honest. I see many people going over to TSU probably because of its earning.

    Either way, thanks for sharing. Heading over back there right now and maybe engage further as well.

    *PS How have you been dear friend?

  3. Even without activity, you have 19 followers, Reginald. I recognize a few of them – good people. Might I suggest that you friend them and post a couple good things to your wall, so that we can like, comment and maybe share? That’s really how to start enjoying Tsu. The money is fun, too, more because of the game value – but, honestly, the views, likes and comments are more fun, because you can track them in real time once you’ve posted content.

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  5. Thanks for reminders David … have added my Profile pic and some blurb to my Tsu page … now to invite some of my friends!! 🙂 wishing you a great day

  6. Could u please advise how many # tags I can place on each post .. I have “lost” several posts and told I had too many # tags … ta!

  7. Hi Carolyn. You can add up to ten tags. It is rare that I find more than 4-6 are appropriate, so in mist cases that should give a good variety of tags to search by. I have yet to notice more traffic by adding tags, but some people have said they notice the difference.

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