Choosing the Best Social Sharing Platforms

Which social platforms are worth adding to your activities, beyond the obvious?  Let’s look at this blog’s traffic as a case study.

Those who know me for a long time, know that I have had a reputation as social sharing addict, often seen at all the social bookmarking websites, large and small.  And people often ask me questions:

  • Is it worth it?
  • Do you get good traffic from them?
  • Do you get good SEO links?
  • Do you get customers?
  • Do you get engagement?

Everybody is after a different metric.  I plan to address only one of them directly.  But before I do, I should provide just a general response to these questions.

Yes, it is worth it, but you have decide how much effort to spend on social sharing and how much time on each site.

I suspect that SEO links are no longer much of an issue, except to the extent that you get traffic and engagement (and therefore links from blogs and news websites).

Choosing the best social sharing sites

I doubt I have gotten any customers directly from social sharing websites, but I know that I have earned myself clients as a result of networking on these sites.  A funny thing happens when you vote for and comment on and share somebody else’s labor of love – it opens up the doors to all sorts of valuable collaboration, including occasionally some new clients or subcontracting opportunities.  So engagement and traffic would be good metrics to help decide where it is worth spending your time.

In this post I will not rehash the relative value of being active on Twitter versus FaceBook versus Pinterest versus Google Plus versus LinkedIn.  At least 57 other bloggers are at this very moment rehashing those mysteries of the universe for you.  I won’t ignore them, but instead I want to share with you some of the other social websites that bring me traffic, either as stand-alone social communities or as sharing tools I use to extend my reach on the big social sites.


I like to add a “methodology” heading because it gives this blog post an air of scientific je ne sais quoi.  Truth be told, the methodology is simply that I have looked at my Google Analytics traffic sources so far in 2014 for this blog, for another business blog, and for a “simple lifestyle” blog that covers self-help, personal finance, health and fitness, and entertainment.

Here are the social sharing websites that have sent the most traffic to this blog, among the top 20 referral sources over the almost 5 months so far this year, in descending order (with my comments):

Twitter (No surprise, as Twitter is the ultimate link-sharing platform and I am very active there. This is my account.)

Viral Content Buzz (Wow!  This is a platform I use to extend my reach on Twitter, FaceBook, Pinterest and StumbleUpon.  But the direct referrals alone are worth being active there.)

Google Plus (I am very active on Google Plus, especially in the communities, where I find engagement to be fairly strong. This is my account.)

FaceBook (No surprise)

Blokube (Big surprise!  Older and more established than DoSplash, Klinkk and Kingged, I nevertheless would never have expected Blokube to outpace BizSugar, Pinterest and Triberr, especially since I am more active on all of those platforms.  Clearly I need to pay much more attention to Blokube.)

BizSugar (Small surprise.  I love BizSugar and I am active there, although not quite as active as I would like to be.  Yet it is sending almost as much traffic as Pinterest and Triberr combined!)

Pinterest (Considering the effort I put into creating highly pinnable pics, I am somewhat disappointed that Pinterest is not proving a better source of traffic.  I suppose if I ran an Etsy store…)

Triberr (Like Viral Content Buzz, this is a platform I use to extend my reach on Twitter, and  have found it also a great venue for forging relationships with other bloggers.  I would rank it quite highly for engagement.)

JustRetweet (Another platform I use to extend my reach on Twitter, and to some degree FaceBook and Google Plus, and again worth using also for the direct traffic.)

Scoop It (Content curation platform, and obviously I am getting some traffic from it.)

Gentlemint (One of four “male” answers to the female-dominated Pinterest, it is sending me more traffic than Manteresting, Dudepins and DartItUp)

Kingged (One of the newest social sharing communities, probably with the narrowest range of topics – just internet marketing – but with the most engaging users, both on the site and in comments on this blog.  If your blog fits this niche, it is worth the time and effort.)

DoSplash (Similar to Blokube and Kingged, fairly new and with a slightly wider set of niches.)

I won’t run through the same details with the other two blogs, but I will offer a few outstanding observations from their referral stats.

First, I should note that if a post or two goes hot on StumbleUpon or Reddit, it can dwarf all other social platforms, as traffic takes a ridiculous spike for 24-48 hours.  On the other hand, it can really mess with your bounce rate and time-on-page stats. I shall ignore those aberrations.

Secondly, considering the niches of the other two blogs, you won’t be surprised to hear that I get much less traffic from the likes of Blokube, BizSugar, Kingged and DoSplash.  But in their place, Gentlemint figures much more prominently, in one case ahead even of FaceBook, Pinterest and Google Plus (Wow!).  Three others also featured: Snapzu (quite strongly), Social Buzz Club (moderately) and Manteresting (barely).

If part of your marketing strategy is to reach out to other bloggers, to collaborate more, to extend your reach on the major social sharing platforms and to build a well-engaged following, this should give you an idea of which venues would be worth your effort.  Of course, your results might not be the same as mine; nothing is more accurate than your own results by trial and error.  This guide is meant strictly to help you make the best educated guesses as to where to start or expand.




  1. Twitter is always number one social network for blogger and internet marketers, Kingged is also coming up great.

  2. The design of your blog is awesome. For me, twitter and kingged does the magic, it sometimes depends on the factor of activeness.

    No matter how hard one tries in facebook, there won’t come referrals from pinterest by magic. One needs to experiment and then modify with their results.

    Depending upon the blog, it can fair with different social websites. You article introduced me to some cool websites, gonna try them out.

    Thanks, I found this post on kingged.

  3. David, thanks for the reminder on Viral Content Buzz – I haven’t logged in there for quite some time now. I would add BizSugar to your list. I have noticed more traffic when I used Kingged – interesting for the new kid on the block too.

  4. Hi David
    Choosing the best social media for a blog depends upon what is the niche of a given blog. If it relates to jobs and consultancy services then obviously Linkedin is the best one. If it related to politics and social issue then nothing is better than Google+.
    It is observed that many bloggers joined more than several social media platforms and then fail to create hype of their blog at all of them. They eventually remain engaged with a few ones and finally move to the most popular one.
    So the other way round is the best strategy and one needs to first pick the three most popular platforms and create his influence there and develop networking with others in same niche. After that it is better to expand his social media presence by joining more and more platforms.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful post with awesome ideas and tips to choose social media sharing platforms and promote our blog posts in more effective manners.

  5. Well, there is a point that I have to mention. I’ve had this conversation with another SEO recently. The point is not to try to merge social media marketing with SEO. Simply none of the above will bring backlinks that will pass link juice, however for sure it will drive traffic.

  6. Hi David,

    I’m glad you mentioned about Blokube, because even though I still post my post there, I did it more to just add a place then I did it because I thought it was really worth it. I very bad at checking where my traffic comes from and I know I should do this more often.

    I’m also learning here about platforms I’ve never used and will try them out.

    thanks for the great tips.

  7. Kaloyan, I have a feeling you are right on this point.

  8. Hi David,

    Thanks for this wonderful article post but to sincere with you, social traffic is not about the numbers of social media platforms you joined but it is about active you are on each of the platforms.

    Am glad you mentioned, you may address it as One of the newest social sharing communities, but to be straight with you. My experience on that platform is more rewarding that any other platform like BizSugar, Blokube, DoSplash and so on.

    With Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Stumbleupon, justretweet and am Good to meet my daily traffic target.

    The traffic strategy/platforms that work for me may not work for you, but if you can work on this 6 platforms (acebook, Twitter, Google+, Stumbleupon, justretweet and you will definitely get the best of ENGAGEMENT & TRAFFIC

    Thanks for sharing this with us and have a nice weekend

  9. Thanks for the information.

    I am glad I started at Google Plus then recently I opened a Facebook account.

    I will join other social platforms in accordance with this post.

    Thank you very much.

  10. I have to say that I am a facebook and twitter person predominantly, but linked in is great for business, big or small. I just feel these days that there are so many social media platforms it’s difficult to keep on top of them all.

  11. Great post on social media for promotion.
    Gentlemint was new to me.

    Many of the people say that Viral Content Buzz is like like exchanging groups but it’s a misconception because before approving any posts Viral Content Buzz team checks the legitimacy of the post. So it’s healthy viral marketing.

    Great post, great list.

  12. I am always skeptical about social media’s worthiness. But I agree that you need to keep a good presence on few of them. I think we agree on that and thanks for sharing your favorite ones.

  13. I am seeing a lot of companies put a lot of time and effort into social, mainly Twitter and Facebook, without seeing much gain from it.
    Maybe they are simply not doing it right, or maybe they are in the wrong line of business to benefit from Social (Law).

  14. What are you thoughts on using a tool to help manage your activities on social media? It can be a big time saver and let you spend more time engaging..

  15. Nitin, I don’t believe there is a tool to manage the sites we are discussing here.

  16. According to Search metric’s recent study of SEO ranking factors good activity on social media can earn you better rankings. Even if you are sceptical of the correlation that the social shares directly improved the rankings there’s also the factor that getting more people to see the content also lead to more links and visibility. Online visibility is what entrepreneurs should strive for to build their business on the Web. I am impressed by your knowledge David 🙂 I know it’s a bit off topic, but i was wondering if you could help! I’ve got an fb page that has been doing really well, but about 3 weeks ago something happened and now nobody can share my page’s content without having to fill out a Captcha / Security Box. It is Killing my page!
    I haven’t received a single warning, email, or message of any kind to make me think the page was doing anything wrong. Frustrating.

    Any ideas?

  17. Dennis, that’s a new one for me. Have you tried reaching FaceBook support? I guess I should ask if there even is such a thing.

  18. I use few of them for social media sharing and content distribution purpose for my client’s and my websites. But this list have some many new sites which need to be explored.

    I have got not same but similar experience with FB just like Dennis. In my FB page, I have got couple of reviews about my services (Digital Marketing & SEO training). But suddenly one day back all those reviews were gone leaving no clues or notifications. Surely I will be contacting FB for this issue but in the mean time if you can update me with a solution if you heard or faced such an issue earlier.

    By the way, thanks for sharing such helpful resources with us.


  19. I am glad I started at Google Plus then recently I opened a LinkedIn account.
    i will add more social media site and engaged everybody in my network
    Thank you this post has inspire me a lot