How to become a Google Plus rock star with Circle Shares

Circle sharing is taking over Google Plus like wildfire because people can quickly expand their network. Let me show you exactly what steps to take.

Two weeks Ago, I was in the circles of 600 or so people on Google Plus. This morning, I am in over 3000 people’s circles. Welcome to the magic of “Circle Sharing”. If you want to grow your Google Plus following, I will show you exactly what to do, exactly what steps to take.

How to do cirle sharing in Google Plus

But first, let me explain why circle sharing is so powerful and warn you about why there might be a risk.

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Circle sharing is powerful because everybody who saves the circle follows everybody in the circle. So if you are in the WowAnotherCircle circle, everybody who saves the WowAnotherCircle circle becomes a follower of yours. In order to get into a circle share, you need to be a circle sharer.

So it’s like everybody shaking hands and agreeing to follow each other.  You have a lot of people building huge followings, all sharing their followers with each other…well, it’s one big happy circle family.

How people react to circle shares on Google Plus

So is there a risk? Well, yes actually. People are following each other in order to get followers.  Not because they have something specific to offer or because they know them or because their posts are somehow relevant.  If this was link-building for SEO purposes, Google would ban everybody doing it. But instead, it is follower building. Why doesn’t Google ban the users who do this on its own network?

I think I know why.

All this circle sharing is increasing engagement on Google Plus and increasing loyalty to the site. Circle sharing is helping Google Plus catch up to Facebook as the top social networking website.


But what if someday that battle is over? What if someday Google Plus is the top social network, just like Google is the top search engine?  What happens when Google no longer cares about pulling ahead of Facebook and starts to care about quality?

Google has shown that it is not above penalizing websites for perfectly normal activities they did years ago, but which now are considered spammy. Could the same thing happen to circle sharers? Maybe. My advice to hedge your bets is to actually engage with your followers, with all of them. Whatever you do, don’t just post marketing messages, for example. Nobody likes the guy who wanders around the room handing out business cards while everybody else is talking about the weather, sports and the mating habits of the Southern Prickly Porcupine.

Post really cool stuff. Post personal stuff. Be real.

Be interesting.

For now, I’m having fun, and I really don’t expect Google to cut people off from building connections on their site as long as no users find it intrusive.

For now.

Words of wisdom from a champion Circle Sharer

Michael Q. ToddBefore I provide the formula that increased my network by 500 percent in just two weeks (yes, I am giddy about it), I would like to share with you some words of wisdom from Michael Q Todd who happens to have the single biggest Circle Share of all time, Megaball.

He began the circle share to connect like-minded people, something you might consider doing even if you don’t want to get into the huge, huge networking numbers: “I did my first circle share to better connect Empire Avenue members about 2 and a half years ago…”

Then he got addicted, eventually realizing that, as with anything else, success is about perseverance:

Justin Matthew got me into circle sharing with his snowball circle shares about 1 year ago. I dabbled in them but then appreciated that success would come from being regular and consistent and branding my circle share. I learned this from Scott Buehler and Daniel Stock.”

Who gets included in the really big circle shares?  Those people who share the circle shares and their sponsors’ other content (no surprise there, right?):

“As far as ‘criteria’ the pages and profiles included will probably have given +1 and publicly shared the #Megaball for the past 2 weeks in a row and will have made an effort to promote it outside G+. I can see this on their post when they share. If they have had no reaction to it it probably means that they have not made such an effort. I also take into account people who make ripples with their shared posts of my other content during the week. I am looking for influencers who like connecting people basically.”

Here is how you can start circle sharing.

Get invited into an already phenomenal circle.

Here are a few already going on.

Start by following their instructions, but also make sure to follow these 4 critcal steps (if they are not already in the circle founder’s instructions).  That really is how I began to be included in several of the bigger circle shares. It shows their sponsors that you are happy to help out. “In order to get into a circle share, you need to be a circle sharer.’

    1. +1 the post
    2. Comment on the post
    3. Include the circle among your circles (add friends that are worth sharing)
    4. “Share this circle” publicly (make sure to “Include yourself in shared circle.”) Here is how to add the circle to your own, and then share it:

How to Save a Circle on Google Plus

How to save a circle on Google Plus

How to share a circle on Google Plus

Include yourself in shared circle on Google Plus


Please add me in the circle you share. My Google profile is

Start your own circle share.

Create a circle specifically for sharing. Include the people you engage with the most (and please add me, too!). Or the most interesting people you follow. You can put up to 500 people, but even 50 is fine to start with. Then share the circle publicly, asking your friends and readers to share the circle.  Once again, here are the instructions you can put in the post for your friends to follow.  You can also point them to this post for instructions.

  1. +1 the post
  2. Comment on the post
  3. Include the circle among your circles (add friends that are worth sharing)
  4. “Share this circle” publicly (make sure to “Include yourself in shared circle.”)

Share the circle once, and maybe again the following week, updated with new folks who comment their way in.  You might find yourself updating it each week.  That is how some of the big circle shares got started, and their original sponsors are in over 50,000 people’s circles .

I would like to do a BlogPostCircle share based on the people who read this post.  Yes, that’s you. If you want in, leave your Google Plus URL for me in the comments below, and I’ll put it together in January once I get past the time challenges of the Christmas season.  make sure to put me into your circles, too.

Just for fun, I happened to be visiting my Google Plus profile page just when this lucky number appeared, so I thought I would leave you with a capture of that moment:

David Leonhardt in 2,222 circles on Google Plus


  1. Well curated circles of people who share on a certain subject or engage well is better than a rolling circle share of people who just want to boost their follower counts any day. Can’t agree with this advice.

  2. Sorry Dave but I am going to disagree with you on this one. Circle jerking is for chumps. People who do this are blinded by the sad fact that they think it will make them more popular and therefore increase their engagement and social signals. WRONG it will not. What increases engagement and social signals is great content that people want to engage with. Adding a bunch of mindless people who are all looking for nirvana on a social network is not going to make you more popular.

    In addition to having good content you need to engage and reciprocate with others. This is what builds a REAL following. Don’t believe it – just look at my profile on Google Plus. I don’t do any circle sharing and I am quite sure I would beat anyone who has double the followers I do that are circle jerking themselves silly.

  3. David – love this article. It is very detailed and explains the circle shares very well. I can understand what Bill says, about engagement and thoroughly agree with engagement, but there is a balance. The best circle shares I have seen out there are actually topical. For example, people interested in photography. I have met some wonderful people and engaged with them, as a result of topical circle shares.

  4. Hi Deborah. Interestingly, I am finding myself enjoying a lot of photography folk that I would never have had the opportunity to meet in a strictly topic circle share. Given that I write across multiple niches and have an interest in life, the universe and everything, and am very happy not to go topical. If someone is very niche-focused on social media, I think they would be best to remain that way also in their circle sharing.

  5. David,

    Perfect timing for this! I joined G Plus again after being shut down 6 months ago. I am excited to grow my following through this strategy. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Damn I gotta get on the GOOGLE+ game ASAP. I’ve been missing out on it way too long 🙂

  7. Really helpful article David
    Now these days author rank is more important rather than backlinks
    And google + social signals are more impactable rather than facebook and twitter

  8. Hi David,

    Thanks for sharing this strategy with all of us. It can be risky, though but, it looks to me like Google+ is definitely competing with Facebook and wants to take over social media. It’s worth a try! 🙂


  9. I am new to google+ and so am interested to see how this works. I have deliberately not chased LIKES on facebook believing it better to have Likers who are genuinely interested in my content, but I could do with a kick start for google+ and would genuinely like to understand how this thing works! So my google+ page is Mustard Seed and its URL is
    Please add me to the circle share blogpost circle. Thanks.

  10. Thank you for the interesting article. My goal is to increase my “audience” to legitimately promote my products and services. And I know content is King. And I offer lots of content. This gives me a way to focus my content to an “audience” interested in knowing about it.

  11. Really helpful article, many thanks for your work

  12. Steven Spector says

    For me, List-type posts run through a slew of subjects with little detail and you feel like you ate but one chocolate chip (not even the cookie) for dinner. Specialty blogs, that is, those focusing upon one subject are much preferable. This one is a quite tasty. I have a better understanding of circles than I ever did. It will be quite useful when we (finally!) launch. Thank you very much for posting and oh, no dessert please.