A social media monitoring success story

Smart brands are monitoring social media to track their reputation and following up with action. This is the story of one such smart brand.

So here I am, working remotely once again from my favourite office away from home – the Ottawa Public Library. I wrote about this set-up on my lifestyle blog, not from a marketing perspective, but focusing instead on the flexibility that working remotely allows me to have with family life.

I mentioned the service I use to access my desktop computer, back at my home office, remotely from the library: LogMeIn.com. I did not really do a review of the service, as I have nothing to compare it to. And I was very frank about the advantages of the service as well as the weaknesses. But all in all, it was a positive experience, and I reported it as such.

And I tweeted it. Here is the tweet (It’s a good one; don’t be shy to retweet it.):



And that’s where the branding fun began. Interestingly, I did not tweet #LogMeIn or @LogMeIn. But the folks at LogMeIn were obviously paying attention, because they messaged me via Twitter for my address. A few days later, a courier arrived with a care package from LogmeIn. Look at all the promotional items they sent me in appreciation for having blogged about their service.

We can always use new water bottles around here. And pens, of course. And I know my daughters will love the little iPod speaker port when I release it to them, as well as the ear plugs. Nice sticker, too, although perhaps less useful. The playing cards will be a hit when one of our current decks burns out, and we need another deck for Dame de Pique or Sequence. And who doesn’t need more pens? (The hats were already on the mantle.)

Tweet this: “Look what brand really ‘gets’ social media.”

Why was it smart to send these promotional items to me? Well, for starters, I am a user of their services and it will build loyalty. Yes, I do feel more positive about LogMeIn because of the gesture.

Perhaps they thought I would be likely to share a pic of these items on Instagram or on Pinterest, and as a blogger who is at least somewhat connected, that would be good promotion for them. (Answer: yes to Pinterest, no to Instagram).

Perhaps they are trying to build brand ambassadors.

They might hope this will inspire me to upgrade to “pro”.

Perhaps they figured I might write about them again, and it never hurts to show your appreciation. After all, in any networking situation the two most important words are “Thank you” – even more important that “How can I help you?” If that was the case, they were right, because here I am writing about them.

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Of course, as a social media strategist myself, I am more keenly aware than many people of how a brand is using social media. But I suspect that most bloggers would also sit up and take notice.

Are you monitoring your brand on social media? Are you taking advantage of positive opportunities as much as trying to fix negative situations? Any time your brand is mentioned, you should know about it and take action. And that action should be…

  • Turn a disgruntled customer into an advocate.
  • Consolidate an advocate
  • Provide more fuel for advocates to use

I have no idea how consistent LogMeIn’s social media monitoring and follow-up are; I can base my opinions only on how they followed up with me. And for that, they get an A+ in social media marketing.


  1. David,
    are the hats in the picture included in the promotional items LogMeIn.com sent you? 🙂

  2. Hi Erik. The hats were already on the mantle. They add >cough, cough< photographic atmosphere.

  3. Good piece, again, David. You are really having a blast using LogMeIn. Interesting how they noticed you blogged about them and went ahead to send promotional items, in appreciation for having blogged about their service.

    What a gesture to get you to not only love them so much more, but also blog more about them, to get them more customers, 🙂

    It’s a social media monitoring success story indeed. Someone is watching and listening, so it’s good to speak out about brands and whether or not they are stepping up and keeping up!

  4. I see, David. 🙂

    Nice promotional items, really a great marketing method from LogMeIn to welcome new/potential customers.

  5. Hey David,

    Well wasn’t that nice of them to send you those goodies.

    I had a friend who tweeted about a product she was using and she gave it rave reviews. She was actually having a conversation with a friend about it because she loved it so much. They did the same thing, asked for her address. She received four big boxes the following week with all the products that they offer. She was flabbergasted that they did that but man oh man she raved even more about them and you bet it was great advertisement for them as well.

    Whenever a friend and I get together she is using the LogMeIn sites so I’ve seen it in action and it’s a great program. If they’re doing good then we should let people know.

    Glad you did in a quiet way yet still received some good stuff.


  6. I love hearing stories like this! Very well done, LogMeIN. I do not use their service, but am going to check it out now. I love when brands go out of their way to do thing like this.

    They made me a fan BEFORE I become a customer. Smart move!

  7. Thanks for the information about LogMeIn, great social media marketing strategy.

  8. I have seen many sites and product owners sending out gifts to people who promote them and give their honest reviews. Such approach always forces me to give only honest reviews about any product or service that I am using. But I haven’t yet got any gifts 😉
    LogMeIn surely knows how to take care of their customers!

  9. Good information, I will implement this with our social media campaign. Thanks!

  10. Nice piece David and a great story of how one company is monitoring their brand effectively.

  11. Excellent presentation of ideas David. I would definitely apply this tricks on my next project.