REVIEW: Comparing Social-sharing Co-op Services

I have been using three popular social sharing co-op services for a while now.  These help spread your content across social networks like Twitter and FaceBook.

The three services are quite similar in some ways and different in other ways.  If you are like me, you will want to use all three.  But if you are too busy for that, this review will help you decide which to use.

The three websites we are reviewing are…

How these social sharing co-ops are similar

I call these three websites “co-op” because of the fundamental basis on which they all function: you share other member links, you earn credits…which are spent when somebody shares your links and earns your credits back.  The more you share of others, the more others will share of yours.  And the corollary…the more you want your links shared, the more you need to share of others.

The other major theme in common between these websites is that you are in charge.  You get to choose what to share on your social media account.  Nobody tells you what to share.  Nobody pressures you into sharing anything in particular.  No selections are automated. You decide what is appropriate and of interest for your followers.

When it comes to social media accounts, what the three services have in common is Twitter.  All three of them are built on the basis that people share each others’ content via Twitter.  But that is where the similarity ends.

How these social sharing co-ops differ

Easy Retweet lets you tweet and sign up new Twitter followers.

Viral Content Buzz and Just Retweet also let you share by FaceBook – but with a difference.  Viral Buzz lets you “share” on FaceBook, in your timeline.  Just Retweet lets you “like” on FaceBook.

Viral Buzz also lets you share on Pinterest – the only service that does.

Just Retweet lets you upvote on Google Plus – the only service that does.

The three services offer different levels of “quality”.  I use the word judiciously, since you might not necessarily want “quality”.  I will explain later.  First, let’s look at what each service officially says about quality, and then I will tell you what really happens at each service.

Here is what Easy Retweet says about “Tweet Contents”:

Any tweets containing pornography (in any form), illegal materials, unauthorised materials, materials in violation of any law will be removed as soon as noticed.

Here is what Just Retweet says in its “Terms and Conditions”:

JustRetweet reserves the right to remove any content posting (text, images, audio, video) for any reason, without notice at any time. Specifically, any posted content that: (1) is pornographic or offensive in nature (including nudity, violence, sexual acts, or sexually provocative images.); (2) infringes upon copyrights as specified by the content creator; (3) is illegal or violates any laws; (4) harasses (also known as “CyberBullying”) any person or any group of people. Such content posts will immediately be deleted and the IP address of the user reported to authorities, if necessary. Violating these terms will result in the irrevocable termination of your ability to use the JustRetweet service.

But on the Just Retweetrules” page, in red text that really stands out…

Here is what Viral Content Buzz Quality Guidelines have to say:

What will NOT be approved to be shared here:

  • Weak-in-content articles (that have no unique style or visual appeal);
  • Ad-stuffed and / or made-for-links articles.
  • Articles directly promoting affiliate products (such as affiliate product review posts)
  • Any sales page directly promoting a product or service
  • Content that is overly promotional in nature
  • Press releases
  • A home page of a business website or blog
  • Anything that the VCB staff in their discretion deems to not be “quality”

What will be highly appreciated here:

  • Unique and original articles that catch an eye and engage;
  • Trending and popular topics with your personal perspective (apps, tools, DIY, infographics, etc).
  • Articles or content that is either extremely useful, interesting or entertaining.

Viral content is defined as “becoming very popular by circulating quickly from person to person, especially through the Internet“, so before adding a project, please give it a thought: “can it go viral”?

Our platform is NOT designed to help everyone get free social media votes. It’s aimed at generating buzz around GREAT content.

You can probably tell just by the length of the rules how serious each service is about ensuring quality and blocking spamminess.  In fact, here is what I have found:

Easy Retweet is full of spammy share requests.  Many things there I would not retweet because they are ads for things like BlogEngage or Fiverr gigs or ecommerce pages.  But there is also some good stuff, and I usually can find plenty to share.

Just Retweet is mostly real content, but there are some sales pages and other business pages that get snuck in.

Viral Content Buzz has been spam-free so far, true to their very detailed quality guidelines…except for Pinterest shares.  As you may know, Pinterest is an image-sharing platform.  But many Pinterest-sharing requests on Viral Content Buzz are for really, really poor images that are totally unworthy of sharing.  Obviously, many people just don’t “get it”. Maybe there needs to be some pop-up “image quality reminder” or something.

To spam or not to spam?

At first blush, it is pretty obvious where people would want to go: to the high-quality, no-spam service.  Especially bloggers who generally share very high quality content to begin with. And there are some benefits, like not having to wade through do as much triage.

But you probably will still want to do some triage.  Not every blog post or Infographic posted is one you will want to retweet to your followers.

And what happens if you want to promote a sales page.  Sure, it’s spammy – but it’s the sales pages that pay the bills.  They need to be promoted, too.  So there is also value in participating in a service where spammy pages aren’t considered spam.  And that’s the point of Easy Retweet – to cater to the Warrior Forum crowd.

On a final note, what is missing is StumbleUpon.  None of the services offer StumbleUpon sharing or thumbs up as an option.  Yet.



  1. Nice writeup David! I’m always interested in your opinion on social networking sites and this review is very informative and highlights quality. I’ve found that more people use JustRetweet, but I’m sure Viral Buzz will be taking off soon – I just hope they can keep out the spammers when they do hit critical mass.

    Also noticed one of my tweets showed up in your JustRetweet image, cool!

  2. David, this is a good (and fair) rundown of the three platforms; the best platform will depend on what you are trying to do and what you are trying to promote. I’ve had a lot of good experience with both Justretweet and Easyretweet- just in different ways.

  3. Thanks for the detailed write-up, David. Feels like Apple: “We are not first, but we are definitely the best” 🙂

    Kidding aside, point taken on images and we are already working to add G+ and SU. We are only two months old and we are still developing while promoting the site!

    Thanks again!

  4. David,

    Thanks for mention and straightforward review. We really appreciate that! Also I wanted to mention that we are adding Google+ and StumbleUpon in the near future. So stay tuned! 😉

  5. David, this is an excellent confirmation of my own choice of using Viral Content Buzz, which I find excellent. I believe it will be adding Google Plus too in the near future.

    In any case, I use this only as a complement to watching my friends via HootSuite and then I can retweet their contributions when they deserve it.

    Congrats on this useful post, which I will of course share in a few places. 🙂

  6. Hi David,
    If you’re looking for a great sharing community that includes StumbleUpon look no further. Check out SocialBuzzClub. Most of the members like Facebook or LinkedIn Shares, but SU is another option. Thanks for the reviews.

  7. Nice words on social-sharing co-op services. The information was clear and interesting at the same time.

  8. Interesting. I’ve been using JustReTweet for a couple of months now and so far I like it. Sometimes I wish it had a little more variety in the mix, but for the most part I’m happy with it. I find that when I keep a few retweets lined up my number of followers keeps growing. Of course, that might also have something to do with people sharing MY tweets, IDK.

    Anyway, thanks for the info on Viral Content Buzz. I’ll have to check that one out.

    Great review 🙂 Thanks!

  9. Nice writeup David! I’m always interested in your opinion on social networking sites and this review is very informative and highlights quality. I’ve found that more people use JustRetweet, but I’m sure Viral Buzz will be taking off soon – I just hope they can keep out the spammers when they do hit critical mass