Google’s Penguin Update…

…as experienced by more webmasters than I care to count:

Oh, yes. And this is how many of those same webmasters would like to deal with Google’s penguin (sorry, but you do have to watch the full 1:47 video to the end to see the full wrath of the webmasters).


  1. Ok.. when I saw the Death Note video that was probably the LAST thing I expected to hear on it. Yet now I am both entertained & disoriented – and pleasantly distracted from all the exploding penguins in the SERPs.

  2. That has cheered me up for five minutes after spending all morning talking to a potential client about how their previous SEO ‘efforts’ have clearly caused their current problems. Though about sending it to him but I think he is not in the mood for jokes about the penguin update at this time. Maybe if he hires us and we help him get positions back he will look back on this and smile. Thanks for posting it!!!

  3. The first video of the penguin is a classic video that makes the person laughs every time one sees it. The second video is boring!

  4. hahahaha watch as the penguin on top of your television set explodes.
    thanks for the great laugh. friday in the office = unproductive day for our seo team lol.

  5. All these Google updates are brutal but also good because people now have to make their links and seo efforts look more natural!

  6. First video of the penguin is very funny video and every person laugh every time see the video, second video is not very funny.