Blogging Fail – how to tell a spam blog

If you have old material, sure, go ahead and recycle it. But it looks like somebody was so eager to spread around their old material, that they didn’t bother recycling – they went straight to reusing it.

(Good thing this is not toilet paper!)


  1. Hilarious and very observant, plus one easy way to find the splog networks.

  2. haha that’s so funny, good thing it’s not toilet paper LMAO! You know for some people that may not even know why you circled the date you should add a paragraph of explanation.

  3. I have seen constant regurgitation, as a technology blog I can spot this often about what tech topics they submit as guest posts. Crap on tech news that broke 8 months ago or 2 year old news/technology I know is worthless.

    People are still spewing Google Panda update articles as guest posts, and that is already old news.

  4. Hey David,

    This is classic! don’t get me wrong I sometimes recycle old content but surely you should put in as much (if not more) effort when you recycle?

  5. LOL! Of all the details, it’s the date. This is very obvious.