Italian food from a Chinese restaurant in Pakistan

Most people do this when they get spam email:


But sometimes, spam can be really funny.  Especially when it comes to pathetic target marketing (You know, like I really need my melons to be enhanced or my Brazilian to be waxed!).  In that same light, consider this ad I recently received:




Italian food from a Chinese restaurant in Pakistan…targeted to a Quebec-born Hungarian guy with a German name living in Ontario. Award-winning pizza?  Maybe.  Award-winning marketing?  I suspect that these guys would not recognize their target market even if they understood the concept.

Thanks for the laugh, guys.  I’ll have mine with green pepper and mushrooms.  Will you deliver in 30 minutes of less?


  1. Haha this is terribly funny. How in the world would they ever be able to choose a target audience to market to? I guess you can’t fault them for trying to appeal to a wide variety of people but it makes marketing kind of difficult when your target audience is EVERYONE! 🙂

  2. Hahaha! I have seen similar restaurants and shops, they really try to target everything! A shop I saw few days ago, “Satalite dishes and gifts”. They were selling satalite dishes and had a section with “gift” like products from pakistan.

    Thanks for the laugh