Animate Thy Blog

Animate your blog.  No, not that kind of “animate”.  I’m not talking about Flash or GIFs or even video.  I am not talking about animation.

I am talking about animals.

an•i•mate (n-mt)
tr.v. an•i•mat•ed, an•i•mat•ing, an•i•mates
To fill with animals.

Before you go thinking that I’ve gone Noah on you, consider this question: “How do you engage your blog readers?” posed by Brian Belfitt at SEOMKT.

My response to that post (visible in the comments) was “all over the place”, according to Brian.  And he is right.  I reflected upon what I tend to do across the various blogs I write, and I realize that I like to “animate” them.  This may or may not be an approach you want to follow; it is one of many ways to add a little colour to your blog.

Real Animals In Imaginary Settings.

squirrelLet’s start with the approach I think works best.  Do you remember the cartoon “The Far Side”?  Gary Larson made a career of switching role of humans and animals.  People somehow relate to animals playing human roles.

I would be proud if I had even a fraction of Larson in me, I suppose, since I wrote about “Five Animals Teach Us Less-wasteful Dining Habits“.  Not only does the theme put animals in the role of humans, but three of the illustrations do, too.

Real Animals In Real Settings.

monkeysinhottubOver at the Hot Tub Covers Blog, I wrote about “Monkeys Love Hot Tubs“.  This is a more real approach, almost science.  We put together a video montage of Japanese Macaques enjoying their own hot tub (hot springs).  Again, we try to humanize the animals by characterizing their actions in human terms.  (No monkeys were harmed in the filming of this blog post.  And nothing needed to be staged.) This might not work with every blog, but if it does, it can really add some colour for your readers.

Imaginary Animals in Imaginary Settings.

bugs2What’s an Imaginary animal?  Daffy Duck.  Under Dog.  Rocky and Bullwinkle.  Thestrals and Blast-ended Skrewts. I wrote “The Bugs Bunny Guide to Linkbuilding” right here on this blog.  Bugs is imaginary, of course, and the world of linkbuilding and SEO is pretty imaginary most of the time (and certainly some of the advice Bugs shares with us is somewhat unreal).  This post is based on the concept of “What would Bugs Bunny do?”, drawing on real-life quotes form this imaginary animal. People really enjoyed this post.

Imaginary Animals in Real Settings.

tigger1This one is a bit tougher to do, since Rocky and Bullwinkle have only once been caught on film in the real world – when filming their movie a few years ago.

But Kevin at Out Of Your Rut did manage to venture into the Hundred Acre Wood capture this live interview of “Eeyore and Tigger on Stock Investing Risk“.  (OK, so some people might suggest the stock market is no more real than SEO, but I had to place this here for symmetry.)

Maybe you’re not an animal type of blogger.  But maybe you are.  I hope this gives inspiration for a few colourful posts.  Whether you use my definition of the word “animate” or simply use the meaning “to make more lively”, may you leave this post prepared to animate thy blog.


  1. As weird as it might sound it seems to work. I was clicking around many sites and got to this blog and stopped to see what was up with those animal pictures. Interesting.

  2. I believe this strategy does work. Adding something that people are drawn to or can easily relate to (such as animals) does seem to work in drawing people to a blog. Having something unexpected on your blog that requires a little more reading to explain can also cause people to give your blog a second look.