Blogging Right Takes Effort

The following is a guest post by RetroSciFiGeek, a natural follow up to my post on the golden rules of guest blogging.

One of the rules, obviously, is that you should prepare a quality post.  I say “obviously”, because I think we can all agree that it should be obvious.  Apparently, though, it is not.  In fact, most offers to guest blog are of very low quality.  When RetroSciFiGeek tweeted about how much effort he puts into each of his own posts I asked him to write about it for us.  I think it is instructive of how much effort goes into a guest post, or any blog post for that matter.

Some people do not get the difference between spam and a quality blog post,. In all my years of blogging I would say that I have come across spam on mainstream sites and I have come across quality posts on sites that are not so popular. Sometimes it is easy to think that a quality blog post comes naturally to the person writing it. A quality blog post usually takes a while to put together for people like myself. In my experience, a really good quality blog post can take hours to finish while a spammy post can either be one of those automatic hit jobs or a post that takes less than five minutes to complete.

When it comes to quality, the blog post needs to be well researched and it also needs to provide the answers to what the reader is looking for. Take for example the posts that I write on What most people think is that it took me a few minutes to put these posts together.  However, that is far from the truth. On average, one of my posts takes about three hours to complete. You might be thinking in your mind “Whoa!” or “No Way!” but I can assure it most certainly does.

Here is how the whole process breaks down for me:

Watching the Show (1 hour to 2 hours)

When I write about a particular show I have to watch the episode first. Watching episodes on the television or the computer takes more time for me than it does for most folks. The biggest reason is I have to constantly stop the episode so I can take notes on what is transpiring. Sometimes in really intelligently written shows like Battlestar Galactica or a show where there is a lot of techno-babble, I have to watch the show once and then go back through and watch it second time to take the best notes I can. The reason for watching it twice is to make sure I don’t miss anything that is important to the overall story that is being told.

In all honestly, watching the show is the best part about the whole process because I get to enjoy the show for what it is. When going back through a second time, I have already seen it… so taking notes is so much easier. I can concentrate on the little things that I may have missed the first time through. Obviously, watching the episode online or using a DVR makes the job a whole lot easier, but it still time consuming, to say the least.

Writing the Post (40 minutes)

Writing the post is probably my least favorite thing to do, because sometimes when I am watching a show, I just want to get to the next show. Obviously, I don’t want to forget things about the show that I just watched, so I jump right into writing the post. I know I said I take notes about what happens in a show, but I still remember things while I am writing that I did not remember to write down during the note taking process.

Before you can even begin to write about the episode you just watched, you have to structure the post in such a way that will make sense to the reader. Sometimes that means structuring it by character, place or thing. I tend to structure a lot of my posts based on where the most characters are in the show. Once the structure of the episode is laid out, then the writing process begins. I will say that the majority of my posts tend to be between 900 and 1400 words. This all depends on the show that I am watching and also the length of the show. Then there are times when the show itself is one of those filler episodes. When this happens, the posts tend to be shorter because the story is not adding anything to the overall story.

Editing (20 minutes)

Editing the post takes about 20 minutes for the entire piece. I know my grammar is not the strongest in the world, so I use Microsoft Word 2007 for grammar and spelling. Even then I know my grammar could use some work. I always joke about how I got a “C” in English and a “B” in French class. I still cannot figure that one out. Anyway, when I reread the post I find sentences that don’t make sense or words that are missing or words that don’t belong. Editing can make a world of difference and believe me — sometimes I get lazy during this process.

Finding Pictures, Videos and Finishing Up (30 minutes)

At the end of all the other processes, it is now time to find the pictures, videos and other doodads that belong on the post. I pretty much use and Google Images for all my picture needs and for all my video needs. Usually I do a search on Google Images and then edit them for size in

For videos, it is pretty cut and dry. Go to find the video and then place the code into the post. Now sometimes you will want the video at a different size. All you have to do in that case is to change the size parameters in the video code. Not too hard but it still takes time to do.

This whole process has taken over three hours to do and I have not even touched WordPress yet. I always upload my posts as a draft and then I go into WordPress to make sure the post will look right in a browser. Sometimes, but not all the time, I find little errors that have to be fixed so this makes publishing the post take a little bit longer. Once I have the whole post edited, and the code fixed, I am then able to add tags, categories, and anything else that the post may need.

As you can see writing a quality blog post takes time, research, patience, and the will to do it. It might take a little bit of computer know-how, but WordPress has made things so easy that I believe anyone can do it. In my past, I used to write those spammy looking posts that were less than 200 words. I used to always wonder why I was not getting the money and/or traffic for those posts that I thought I should get. I also used to wonder how sites like Problogger or Techcrunch were able to get so many followers. Now I know! It is a process of writing good quality posts first and then everything else will take care of itself.


  1. This is exactly right. Please thank this guest blogger for me – its always quality over quantity that makes great blogs, and when he writes “…writing a quality blog post takes time, research, patience, and the will to do it. It might take a little bit of computer know-how, but WordPress has made things so easy that I believe anyone can do it’ he is indeed singing my song.

  2. Great blogs will attract people. I think that, often, the more effort put into a blog, the better it is, and people are always able to tell. Thanks for sharing how your process works – I hope more people will take note and realize that quality, not quantity (as Rob said), is what is important! -Blair Stover

  3. I have heard of guest blogging before and authoring a post on a ranked blog can build some creditability but where are the places you can sign up.

  4. Excellent guest post, thanks for sharing

    And also thanks for laying out the process you go through to create your quality posts


  5. No doubt. Blogging is almost a full time job.

  6. Blogging is definitely more work than most think it is. It is very nice you walked through the process here for us. Thanks.

  7. Thanks for the tips but it is very difficult to have a quality blog. I have several blogs and a lot of effort

    Best Regards.


  8. I swear my next guest blogging post will be the good and bad of being a one author blog. This whole week I have had the flu so I have been to sick to write anything worth a damn. I have thrown out a tweet here and there but sitting at a computer writing when all you can think about is sleeping takes a definite toll on you. Now having said all that I want to thank all of you for your kind comments and if you can spread the word about my site. I may be looking into doing videos soon but really haven’t decided.

    Blogging takes effort, hard work and initiative to write quality versus quantity. To be honest there are some big blogs out there where every post is like 150 words and I wonder how in the hell did they get to where they are today. Instead of rambling on and on I say adieu and hope you all visit my blog from time to time.

  9. That’s always the dilemma, whether to write often or write high quality. I wish I was good enough to do both.

    But since I don’t have that much talent, or energy 😉 I focus on writing really well and attempt to give incredible value.

    I would rather by recognized for excellence than for being just another hack.

    Unfortunately, it seems a lot of the hacks are getting more traffic…

    Wow, blogging really IS hard :-O


  10. Michael Cash says

    This is great. I know from experience how difficult it can be to be a guest blogger. It’s so important to really undeestand what you are writing about and how the readers will respond. Great tips, thanks!

  11. You’d think that quality content would be an “obvious” requirement, but it’s not for many people. I think the stage most people skip is the editing stage (you mentioned you take 20 minutes to edit, which is great – some people don’t even take 5!).. and it is very important. Good post.

  12. cutiepink says

    For me definitely more work than most think it is and this is very important tips i love it..Thank yo fro sharing!!:D

  13. I keep a personal blog and it is about reviews of the films and videos I watched. It takes 2 days to finish a certain post. I prefer to edit my material the next day because I believe I tend to spot more correction when I do that. Seems like my brain got freshen up and it can easily spot the errors.

  14. It occurred to me whilst reading this article, that the best bit about blogging is the inspiration. When the muse comes to you, you can sit down and write as though your pen was filled with ambrosia not ink. When the muse is absent, then you are in for a hard time.

    Where do you get inspiration? Anywhere. I mean that! Anywhere you are, and doing somehting quite ordinary, you can come up with wonderful ideas. But you need to be active, doing the ironing, gardening, cooking or out cycling or sailing? In the manner of Goethe, of whom I am a great fan, never wrote but spoke out loud to his secretary, thus keeping the inspiration going for longer.