White Paper – why small business needs SEO

Believe it or not there are still some businesses – no, make that many small businesses – that have not yet grasped the importance of SEO to their profitability online.

For that reason, we have put together a white paper on why small business needs SEO.  In fact, we have taken it one step further and explained how small business can benefit from “holistic SEO”.

But don’t worry, it’s an easy read, just 10 pages with lots of graphs and charts.

To download your own copy: Why SEO?  Holistic SEO: Indispensible for your website


  1. I downloaded and read this. it is quite insightful and puts it across in fairly plain english so anyone should understand it

    I am an SEO specialist so I agree that ALL business can benefit from SEO. Any business with a website and not doing SEO is like having a shop on the main highway. Who will stop in peak hour traffic?

  2. Some businesses? How about the majority of business' have no idea what SEO is and how important it is. I am an SEO expert myself and I'm constantly having to educate people on what it is. I'm thinking our market here in Canada is so under educated about SEO that leveraging the services is very difficult.

  3. @ Randy – I agree with you mate. 90% of the businesses out there have no idea and only put their feet in the water now and then to test new things

    SEO, Social Media, PPC they are all alien to these companies. And the ratios are like this:

    90 % of big business only spend 10% of the Internet Marketing industry while 10% of small to medium businesses are spending 90%

  4. I agree with you, Randy. A lot of business men just put up their website and just wait for money to come in. They forgot to maintain it and put updates and most importantly to work on it’s ranking. It’s what counts nowadays and it seems alien to some people!

  5. Yes to your article, that we as SEO services need to teach our clients about Search Engine Optimization of there website. Again Thanks.

  6. IMHO a lot of the reason small businesses struggle with SEO is the three letter acronym proliferation in the industry. The Internet has so much of it’s own language, that it’s a big barrier – “if I can’t understand it I won’t buy it”.

  7. What most don’t realise is that an SEO campaign is not just a campaign to improve visibility but a campaign to improve all aspects of your site to get there. Which by it’s very nature makes an SEO campaign incredibly important for those who are ignorant to digital marketing and website strategy as a whole.

  8. SEO is so important for small businesses. It allows them to compete with the bigger players online. Even though SEO has been moving more and more in favour of big brands, I still feel as though it has a place to help SMEs.