Ethical SEO or SEO Spam

You cannot always believe what you read, and in SEO you have to be very careful.  Take for instance the good folks at .  They repeatedly spam Zoomit Canada with non-Canadian submissions.  I have deleted several dozen accounts, but they keep creating new ones.  They don’t seem to get the message or they are gluttons for fruitless work.  They also seem to have figured out a hack to add many more tags per submission than the form allows.  One day last month they even created accounts with names like danysulivan8 and leeoden4 and johnbatele4, mimicking the names of high-profile SEO consultants (I know these colleagues to be reputable, but imagine what can happen to their reputations if such accounts are being created elsewhere!).  I suppose they thought I might let their submissions pass if I thought somebody respectable was doing the submitting.


Of course, this all must be part of their “Ethical SEO Website Traffic Services”, as seen in the screen capture below that I took just before deleting another of their spam posts.

SEO spam to the extreme

I think this is the first time I have ever called out another SEO company. It’s not that I haven’t seen plenty of pure spam and plenty of questionable stuff, too. But it’s a slippery slope and I’m not big on rating other SEO consultants. But these guys are so determined to keep spamming Zoomit Canada, over and over and over and over, that I’ll make an exception. If anybody knows of a spammer award, I would love to have this company submitted.  After that, committed.

The moral of the story is to be very careful who you hire for SEO services.  This company is submitting its client websites, too, exposing them to potential sanctions from the search engines and being banned by other social bookmarking websites, too.  You don’t want a purposeful spammer representing your website.


  1. Good post , Most of the SEO are doing SPAM only .But don't you think that kids like me who want to learn SEO would start only with the information that is available on the net . According to me , you learn SEO only with experience and not with reading any book .what you think about it ?


  2. I am sure they are just using dumb data entry operators to do these submissions. A lot of SEO companies suffer with that problem. But creating logins using high profile webmaster names is definitely shrewd. They are doing it on purpose this time.

    I hope you have banned the domains :D. You might want to put some IP2location kind of thing on zoomit to give a 'warning' to submitter if domain being submitted is not hosted in canada (and is not a .ca domain).

  3. It is a slippery slope they are on, a reputation is very easy to get and very hard to change. As you say they are implicating clients who have bought the Ethical SEO line and may be targeted and blacklisted as spammers.


  4. Yes, a very slippery slope….which why I generally avoid commenting on other SEO consultants' work. In this case, I've been removing the spam from these same people several times a week for months, and I am fed up. In fact, I've been shielding their reputation until now by removing their spam. It was their latest post (shown above) using the word "ethical" that made me realize what a vivid lesson this would be for people who believe too easily what they read (all of us at some point, I would guess).

  5. Zoomit allows any story that is Canadian, including stories on BBC and CNN, so an automated Canadian filter is not in order. We don't have a domain banning mechanism in place yet, but it's on that very long list of upgrades planned.

  6. I hate spammers but I don't waste much time thinking about them. Just remove them from my blogs and no more. But seeing the word 'ethical' in their spamming comments? I understand your anger. Go get 'em, tiger.

  7. David, you're the one who in-charge here and you have the rights to delete and telling the truth about the unethical action from the company that so called, "SEO staffs". You should have just banned and delete their account at once!

  8. Nice post.
    Spammers are my worst nightmare, and as you stated especially in the SEO industry there is just so many spam information, and you have to choose your resources quite well, or else you will be running into many articles contradicting each other.

  9. Its a fine line. Everyone's trying to make money and you will always get people trying to freeload whilst others have a concscience

  10. Indeed, I do. But it gets tiresome deleting several accounts they create each day. It eats an incredible amount of time.

  11. Well, what do you expect from a Pligg site? It is always going to get spammed, just like article Dashboard, Article MS, Scuttle, etc. I suggest you simply change your platform if you want to deal with a lot less amount of spam.

  12. Nice post. dont worry search engine are really smart on detecting spammer. soon their site will be banned.

  13. Wow, good to see you bring it on to these guys…and naming names!
    There are unethical business everywhere, but specially in the SEO business since there is less face-to-face interaction which makes it easier to get away with all these practices.

  14. thats really an unethical things to do. We all know that their service is about SEO and as for SEO, you surely need to link building the customer website. But they should always do that in an appropriate ways, if its about comment, make a useful comments and if its about submission, they should always read the rules first and follow the guidance. We should really taking care to which company we let our SEO stuff taking care off. As if the company is doing such job for their customer website SEO, it will eventually effect the website it self and not the company

  15. Well, if you decided to pay someone to do seo for you then there is a possibility that spam is going on. You don't know what methods these companies use.

  16. I believe that most companies that hire SEO services really don't have a clue what their new partner's "ethics" standards are. But if their domains get sanctioned they must come to their senses? Are there any studies made on that issue?

  17. I suggest you simply change your platform if you want to deal with a lot less amount of spam.

  18. Wonder text. dont worry search engine are really smart on detecting spammer. soon their site will be banned.

  19. I am agree i also have found lots of bloggers do the same. They just uses others comments from different blog of different websites and updates it with their names. Mostly new bloggers do it again and again. I think they should do research on google and then make a comment so they it could not stuck on spam.

  20. Thank you for this post. My company has been working with a SEO agency as well and we were just discussing this topic – when you don't know squad about SEO yourself, you really just have to let them do whatever they're doing. On the other hand, if you really get into it and try to keep track of their work, you might as well do it yourself.

  21. I would like to thank you for this article! I suggest you to change the platform if you want to get rid of spammers

  22. The guideline that I use personally, is that if a particular SEO activity would create an inconvenience for someone, I won't do it. For example, creating fake blogs which are full of your keywords and links to your website is a practice that clutters up the search results with useless nonsense, so I won't do it. If everybody did that, search engines would barely be able to function. But leaving substantive comments (like I'm hopefully doing with this post) on another person's blog is something I'm totally comfortable with.

    Would I be leaving this comment if it didn't give me some SEO value? Probably not. Does that affect the value of my comment? Not at all, which is why I do my SEO this way.

    Just a personal rule of thumb.

  23. I am agree with Your views, lots of SEO do the same thing for promoting his websites. They go through the short steps and creating the spamming in web.

  24. I think we all hate spammers right? They are those who think they can get away with putting their links just anywhere in the world wide web without being marked as a spammer by the site owner. Funny because for sure they too would not want their sites to be spammed.

  25. It is a very interesting post. it is true that most of the SEO are doing just SPAM. but me as client how do i know that the company that i choose will do a good work or just spam?

  26. I just SEO professional they should know that there are many ways to do ethical SEO.
    We can find tons of RSS directory that we can submit to. If Zoom It Canada for Canadian only, so move out to other RSS directory.

    I just don't really have clue why they doing that…

  27. I've been getting a ton of the Busboy/Bigsby/whatever SEO spam crap myself. Currently my reaction has been to delete their comment (obviously) and close comments on the article in question (if it isn't very recent). This is unfortunate because it prevents that channel of communication from operating for legitimate users in the future.

  28. I am quite new to all this internet marketing thing and could see in many places comments like this.
    That's why I think that the best thing is to do it yourself unless you are 100% sure with who you are dealing with. This might be sometimes very difficult to find out but I would never hire a company to do it for me without a proper background check. But even than you can't be 100% sure.
    The reason what I think that they doing it by spamming is because to do it properly is more time consuming and that is the only thing we all don't have. Time. But on the long run it is definitely better do devote it more time as we might end up being banned and our links being removed and than it is no point to waste time on spammy links anyway.
    That's just my hones opinion.

    Take care guys.

  29. Spam is really an issue, I got those all the time on our forum.
    I have installed a spam blocker, I get much less but still so I usually block IP, if it is listed in some spam reporting websites.

  30. I strongly agree with you, as good as we know about other people that will represent our site, surely better if we do it yourself

  31. do u know that they also seem to have figured out a hack to add many more tags per submission than the form allows

  32. I guess that ethical SEO is just another keyword to target for most SEO companies. They simply understand that this keyword drives targeted customers to their website and has nothing to do with the way how they work.