Furl Removed From TheBookmarketer

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The popular social bookmarking website Furl, one of the originals, has been removed from TheBookmarketer.

Why have we taken such a harsh step? Because Furl has folded; it no longer exists.

Why have you not heard about it from other social bookmarking services? Because TheBookmarketer keeps its database updated better than most other social bookmarking aggregators.

Last month we removed Magnolia, when it also folded.  Not all social bookmarking aggregators are keeping up on the comings and goings of social bookmarking services.  In fact, some still feature Spurl, a service that discontinued a year ago.  And very few have added Tipd or Zoomit or Plime, three up-and-coming social bookmarking websites.


  1. Spurl and Magnolia went down siliently but Furl managed to get a lot of blog activity when they announced acquisition by Diigo. Top blogs like techcrunch might be responsible for this. You are right about people having Spurl in their list but I am sure many systems removed Furl 🙂

  2. just checked after reading your post furl is absorbed by diigo I created my only few days back . man bookmarking sites are taking such steps because of SPAM

  3. yeah I just signed up for furl the other day and went back to use it and it said it had been merged with diigo..good thing I have an account with diigo as well!

  4. I was never a big fan of furl in the first place, so I don't see it as a big loss.