The Bookmarketer adds Tipd, Plugim, Plime

Financial bloggers finally have a social bookmarking tool that includes, the niche social bookmarking website for financial news. Now there are five excellent reasons to add The Bookmarketer to your blog:

The BookMarketer
Free bookmarketing power tool

1. It is the most up-to-date social bookmarking service, including emerging social bookmarking websites such as Tipd, Plime, Plugim, Shoutwire, Stumpedia, Socialogs, PostOnFire and Jamespot. (I am user “amabaie” at all of these; come be my friend.)

2. It is the least out-of-date social bookmarking service. Many others still have Spurl, which discontinued public services a year ago, and Magnolia, which folded earlier this year.

3. It displays more popular social bookmarking icons on your blog post, increasing the likelihood your readers will use it and bookmark your posts.

4. Finacial bloggers finally have a social bookmarking tool that included Tipd.

5. Canadian bloggers finally have a tool that includes Zoomit Canada.

The Bookmarketer is a free social bookmarking service to help increase the readership of your blog or website, and increase the links you attract from other websites. Just cut-and-paste the code, and off you go. Toy can see The Bookmarketer in action at the bottom of this post.


  1. KeroBeros32 says

    Please remove Plime from the Bookmarketer. This is a social site that does not allow Self-Advertising in the form of Blogs or Spam. Thank you!

  2. Of note, this touched off an incredible debate at …which actually increased my interest in Plime (and I have been back there since).

  3. I didn't know much about social bookmarking sites. Thanks for introducing that to me. I will definitely check it out. Thanks for sharing !

  4. yeah A good tool , with all popular social bookmarking sites .A useful tool for all bloggers

  5. This is another social bookmarking tool that I will definitely use. Thanks!

  6. I think many social bookmarking do not allow self-advertising. Digg also did that.
    Anyway Thanks to David for tell this. I don't know about this bookmarking before. I am sure check all of this. By the way, I am searching bookmarking with dofollow link to give extra benefit.

  7. After submitting 2-3 articles to tipd – both related to business, my IP was banned without even a warning! I’m a regular user of digg, stumbleupon, reddit and various other sites and this is the FIRST time this has happened. What’s worse is that there’s not even a warning system in place. I can’t even go to the site because I just get a white screen with “your ip has been banned”.

    I emailed Tamar Weinberg (tip’d moderator) and she said warning users “is not an efficient use of time for moderators”. She refused to unban my IP even after apologizing to her if one of my 2-3 posts submitted were somehow off-topic. I know that submitting your own posts is Ok as it reads in the FAQ: "Feel free to submit any of your own blog articles." I told her I just want to read the site and promise not to submit, she still refused.

    Yet their FAQ reads “The Tip’d staff is committed to being an open community, and avoiding the ban first, ask questions later attitude that seems to permeate so many other social media sites.”

    Very hypocritical.