Map of Our Visitors

One of the most amazing things about the Internet is that it brings the world together.  For instance, this website brings visitors from all over the world (which is a great thing for someone like me, who enjoys multilingual SEO).  However, I do not often see a website demonstrating how broad its reach is. 

Many websites feature language and currency options, and a few show testimonials from a variety of locations.  And occasionally I have seen a map widget that shows red dots where visitors come from.  But surprisingly, I have never seen a blogger share with his readers where the other readers come from.  Given that blogging is a conversational format, I would think this would be a natural.

Below is a map of where our visitors come from.  This was cut and pasted directly from Google Analytics, so it’s easy to do.  Just for the record, this does not include blog traffic.  A couple days ago I realized that I do not have Google Analytics tracking on the blog, just on the main website.  I have corrected that, but for now this is where our website visitors come from.  It’s pretty impressive when you think that people from almost everywhere outside of the Sahara have been on the website in the past month.


By the way, if we go back a year, most of the yellow spaces turn green, with a handful each from Bolivia, Mongolia and Paraguay and even a couple from Afghanistan and Papua New Guinea.

If you run a blog, why not write a post like this, sharing with your readers where their fellow readers come from.  Help bring the world just a little closer together.


  1. I am also using Google analytics to grab the information about my visitors and from where they have arrived. With the help of this I can decide which product will be better to use in my website.

  2. Definitely a great idea. But I wouldnt want to put the map on all of my pages though, it will probably slow down the loading of pages. How about showing the map every two weeks or so, sort of a feature..

  3. you just be creative and you know how to use strategies and different

  4. Great strategy + sharp minded = Big Success!

  5. It's really gratifying once we find out that a lot of people are visiting our blogs, and it even reaches out to different parts of the world.

  6. Aside from the typical web design and search engine optimization duties, one of my favorite tasks and morning routines is checking Google Analytics. I get a lot of enjoyment, not only seeing where my visitors are from, but also how, over cultural leaps, they use my website in a similar fashion.

    I’m starting to notice more and more the impact overseas visitors can have and have recently been working on designing some multi-linqual sites, where users can choose their own language. Soon, this technology will get a lot better and our connected world won’t even seem like it was separated by language.

    I think I may share the map at some point too, since for the less savvy (to Google Analytics), it sure seems impressive!