Intense Debate Plugin

Regular readers might notice something different on this blog. If you are the first to read this post, you will have to go to an older post to view it. It’s called the Intense Debate Plugin for WordPress. It offers some really cool features that this blog did not have before:

Sadly, when I first installed it, the plugin nixed my WYSWYG editor, until we could load the new WordPress 2.7.  It looks like any comments posted in those few days between initial installation and making it work have been lost.  I am still trying to recoup them, but it doesn’t look good.


  1. It is sophisticated blog comment system with the silly name, launched its public beta . There are some definite kinks in the service still, but there's also quite a lot to take note of. The service offers a powerful combination of ease of use and feature richness; I'm impressed.

  2. There was an importer issue with version 2.0.17 which has been fixed with 2.0.18. The issue had to deal with upgrading the plugin. WordPress deactivated and reactivated the plugin during the upgrade, but the reactivation wasn't registering on our end. Our system identified your plugin as being deactivated which stopped the import.
    The plugin does not work in Firefox for my blog.

  3. Oh yes, the 'Intense Debate plugins' option screws up the comment moderation page in my Word press 2.7 dashboard. It makes the page only a few inches long instead of the entire length of my open browser. So, I have that option unchecked for now.

  4. Of course, that feature would be more useful if I could exclude the comments I have made on my own blog.

  5. What the main advantage of this IntenseDebate plugin compare to other services like SezWho and Discus?

  6. ID still has a problem counting comments when javascript is on / off (…I see 7 comments with javascript on … But only 5 when it's off …

  7. I've seen this at a couple of blogs, and I think it is quite better than the rest, i.e. SezWho, etc.

  8. yes i agree this is a much better blog than others and this blog has lot of information.Intense debate pIugin expands the functionality of comments and unifies them between blogs.

  9. It Sounds like a decent idea but it is still in beta so I doubt the word folks will integrate it yet.

  10. Word already has a feature that lets you track comments you've made across all word blogs. Click the 'My Comments' tab of your dashboard.

  11. Of course, that feature would be more useful if I could exclude the comments I have made on my own blog.