Sticky SEO e-Book released

After a month of working on it, and at least a month of technical delays, I have finally released Sticky SEO. This groundbreaking SEO guide will help you get prepared for the wave of algorithm changes that will sweep a lot of websites right under the rug.

Yup, a storm is coming and some websites will thrive while others crumble to dust.  It’s all about user metrics and what I call the “Usefulness Algorithm”. Sticky SEO is the answer, and this is the first eBook to give useful strategies and practical tips on how to be one of the websites that will thrive.

I should note that Sticky SEO really is not like any other SEO book.  If you find this blog post searching for “SEO book” or SEO eBook “, and are expecting the same SEO 101, you won’t find it here.  Sticky SEO doesn’t include any of that stuff.  It’s all good – don’t stop adding relevant content and building link after link after link to your site – but this is a different, more exciting story.  This is for website owners who want to pump up their profits today and power up their rankings for tomorrow.

Here is the link:


  1. David, I just signed up and subscribed to the new ebook. By the way, I'll tell my friends about your new ebook released 🙂

  2. But…it's free. 100% free!

  3. Thanks, Wilson.

  4. You got me excited with your presentation about the book, I will have a copy $27 is quite affordable price, thank you.

  5. I just went through your new book. Found that it's not an SEO guide book something like that, but it's telling the real facts and truth. This is awesome.

  6. Thanks for sharing. It is valuable book and 100% free book, nice idea.

  7. Thanks.

    I signed up and am just waiting for my email. It sounds good. I’m also following you on twitter.

  8. This becomes a valuable book for me. 100% free book. So nice.

  9. Great idea. It sounds like SEO is not her challenge; a business plan is what she needs first, then considering whether SEO is the best means of attracting her target market.

  10. That's exactly the point I made to her… maybe she'll get it, maybe she'll be hypnotized by the idea of showing up #1 for her own name 😉

  11. What perfect timing. A friend called me tonight to ask if I thought spending $500 on some "SEO expert" was a good idea. I spent an hour trying to explain why the very question wasn't meaningful (she has no idea what kind of visitors she wants, or what they maybe searching for already, let alone how many searches her relevant keywords may get… oh and she doesn't know what relevant keywords are!).

    Anyway, I ran into your book, got it. And sent it to her for a crash course in REALITY! 😉

  12. David,

    I've signed up and am eager to find out what exactly you have prepared in the book. I've read a lot about SEO and the only real thing I've figured out is that it's hard and time-consuming. That's why I'm always looking for some new ways to do SEO and some new tricks too. I hope I will find them in your book.


  13. Hi David, this is the first time I saw you on video! You don’t even have an accent LOL! Great job.

  14. Accent?

  15. Okay I have my copy of your book on order.. Looking forward to reading.

  16. I’m going to have to check out your book too!

    From what I gather, you’re speaking more in terms of engaging audiences and creating compelling content with strong calls to action. That’s my take on SEO and, to a greater degree, Inbound Marketing. Everyone coins it differently.. I say:

    Attract & Engage

    That’s the simple formula there.

    Now, sticky web sites are great because you have high levels of participation, retention, and loyalty. The flip side is that content can be TOO sticky. Once the intrinsic value of sticky content loses it’s appeal, the experience deteriorates and abandonment begins.

    Of course, I’m sure you’re referring to sticky in a different context. Creating content that attracts people and gets them to commit, if not convert, is certainly a smart thing to promote.

    I’ll likely check out your book soon but, admittedly, I have quite a few books in my queue! 8)

    …I’d appreciate your professional opinions there. All fellow “SEOs” are welcome too! 8)

  17. So is it free then? Thanks for the link, I would definitely study this one..