Like Digg, but “Canadianer” – Zoomit Canada

To all those Canadians on social bookmarking websites like Digg and Reddit who were wondering, “Will I ever see a Canadian story make it to the home page?”…

…well, the answer is yes!  In fact, if you rush over right now to Zoomit Canada, you find nothing but Canadian stories on the home page.  That’s because Zoomit Canada is the social bookmarking website made for Canadians:  “Canada’s News, Chosen By You.” 

And if you’re not Canadian, here’s your chance to do all your Canadian friends a favor.  let them know that they can…

  • submit Canadian stories to Zoomit Canada .
  • vote for their favorite stories (actually, it’s spelled “favourite” in Canada)
  • comment on stories to share their opinion.

Like Digg, it’s free.  Unlike Digg, you are welcome to submit your own blog post…so long as it, you or your blog is Canadian, of course.


  1. Hmm…, sounds like an interesting Canadian Social Bookmarking site, and it would be better, if it open to all people from all around the world!

  2. looks like a interesting site but as Wilson sass it would be beater of it is open to all people from all over the world

  3. @wilson and @Kevin You miss the whole point of Zoomit Canada. There are already dozens of superb social bookmarking websites that are open to the whole world, and Canadian stories don’t stand a chance of gaining any prominence or of being discussed. Zoomit Canada was created to give Canadians a place on the Web where they can do what US and global audiences are already doing. I believe this will catch on, and you will see over the next five years a number of country-specific social bookmarking websites.

  4. Great site, I love Digg, and I am always open to supporting Canadian startups