For SEO, Write More Text

Over at the High Rankings Forum a couple weeks ago, the following question was asked:

“What’s the general consensus on padding your site pages with paragraphs of extra test just for Google or for better page rank? Does it work? I’ve always believed that web sites should be designed for humans and if done well, the search engines will find it. What’s the prevailing wisdom on this?”

You can see the original post at …but you won’t see my response.  It must’ve been one of those times when the Internet crashed on me as I was uploading my response.

So for what it’s worth, here it is.

First, you can place a trillion words on your page and it won’t help your PageRank…unless the words are such that will inspire others to think, “Hey, I want to link to this page!”  That’s what PageRank is all about. 

That being said, I am a big more-is-better believer both for the search engines and for real people.  Why? For search engines: If you replace 300 words with 800 words, and the words remain on-topic and keyword relevant, the following will most likely happen: 

1. Your keywords will show up more often.
2. Variations of your keywords will show up more often, as will synonyms that might not have fit into your shorter text.
3. Many other words will show up that could be part of long-tail searches.
4. It is possible that the amount of information on a page might even play a small role in  rankings.

For humans: If you replace 300 words with 800 words, and the words steadily aim to provide increasing explanation/evidence as you scroll down, the following will most likely happen: 

1. Impatient doers will ignore everything below your first “click here” or other call to action, so the added text makes no difference to them.
2. Undecided people, who like your message but are just not sure, will keep reading and you have the chance to convince them.
3. Analytics (people who need lots of info to make a decision) will love you and will be much more likely to follow your call to action.

There is no right answer to this, but for what it’s worth…write!  Write!  Write!


  1. Hi, I agree, the more you write, the best. But write only things, that will help the reader to understand the theme.

  2. WoW, this is definitely a very inspiring article indeed, David.

    So, how many 800+ words of articles that you’ve deciding to write here?

  3. Ok so they usually say “less is more”, but in the case of key words, “more is more”.. excellent. I do tend to jabber on at the best of times.. so I´ll keep doing what I do best! 🙂 Lena

  4. I have started writing longer articles for my main websites. I don’t think I’ve perfected it, but I certainly think it can’t hurt. I just try to break up my writing with bullets and such so my site doesn’t look like a simple wall of text (which would have anyone hitting back).

  5. Exactly, In SEO content is king for ranking your site higher in the eyes of search engines. This article is based on content. It is showing good informative thing regarding the content. Thanks for writing valuable information.

  6. Good advice and I will definitely try to write longer posts that include more of my keywords.