Bloggeries Contest

There is a really cool contest happening over at Bloggeries forum, and not just because you can win an Ipod Nano 8GB.  It seems that Rob is trying to brand his service in the same way the Kleenex has been branded.  No matter what grand of “facial tissue” you have on hand, let’s face it, you call it a Kleenex. 

Rob wants you to do the same thing with “bloggeries”.  Every time you publish a blog post…oops, I mean a “bloggery”, he wants you to use that term.  If enough people start referring to their posts as bloggeries, his forum, directory and other services will get a massive branding boost.  People on the Internet do not think enough about branding, so this is a superb contest — probably the freshest idea I have seen in a while, and one I am already thinking how I could apply to some of my own ventures.

By the way, although I am a member of Bloggeries and occasionally stop in on the forum, I am busy and I would have missed this if I was not following Rob on Twitter.  I am sold – Twitter is great.  You can follow me at .

P.S.: I just ran this bloggery through a Microsoft spell-check and it seems they haven’t caught on yet.  Rob, better get in touch with the folks at Microsoft.


  1. Really i think that was an amusing contest. I love to participate these type of contest. Thanks for the info.

  2. Well, guessed what, David! I’m also one of the members of Bloggeries and I haven’t login for such a long time…

    Think I should drop it a visit more frequently 🙂

  3. @David

    Thanks for the mention and it definitely helped grow the forum and spread the word about the term which is a good thing.


    I definitely think you should visit more frequently; it’s really picked up in the last while.