Now on Twitter

I actually opened my Twitter account several moons ago, but somehow Nancy, our news release distribution expert, convinced me to try using it.  So you can follow us at , where you will find a mix of business and personal news. 

Twitter is a humanizing tool.  It is not a place to make sales pitches.  It is a place to connect with people, sometimes one-on-one, sometimes making announcements for all, always letting people know you are a real person.  If you approach Twitter as networking-for-fun-and-profit, you will find it worthwhile.


  1. Twitter is a great way to make friends and develop online relationships.

  2. Awesome to see you doing the Twitter thing. Of all the blogging options out there, Twitter has got to be the most fun way of connecting with others and developing a following. Happy Tweeting!

  3. It is fun and you do connect because you see in real time what others are thinking and you can join the conversation when you wish (no commitment at any particular time) and since tweets are very short, there is actually time to do this in one’s busy day. And it is about building relationships, for those very reasons.

  4. Hmm.. seems like more and more people are using Twitter. I guess I should try it out someday.

  5. Yeh I did the Twitter thing recently too and have it showing throughout my Blog, I update stuff on the go from my phone,