SEO Secret – how to get more value from your SEO consultant

One of our SEO clients is getting more than her money’s worth.  In fact, I should be charging her gobs more money than I am, but she is getting a whole lot extra work for free. 

How does she do it?  Am I a sucker?  Maybe I am, but there is a method to her madness, even if she does not know it.

You see, the biggest complaint from professional SEO consultants is that clients do not follow up on their recommendations.  A company might pay anywhere form $1000 to $50,000 for an SEO consultant to review their website and make recommendations, ready to follow up with additional action, but… but… but…nothing happens.  In one survey of SEOs, 60% were frustrated by lack of follow-up by the client.  This not only wastes the company’s consulting dollars, but it often prevents the SEO consultant from doing anything further to advance the company’s rankings.

My client, the one I mentioned above, is just the opposite.  She eagerly seeks out information and I swear she passes what we call in French “nuits blanches” (look it up) following through and coming back with more questions, ideas and follow-through.  It makes her project exciting and, yes, she gets more out of me than she is paying for.

You know that old adage “You get out of life what you put in”?  It works for SEO consultants, too…at least those who get passionate about what they are doing.  So my question for anyone reading this who plans to hire an SEO consultant, are you passionate about your website?  Will you get your SEO consultant to be just as passionate about it?


  1. Interesting view. Passion definitely leads to enthusiasm, which usually leads to a better chance of success. Sounds like a win, win.

  2. You’re absolutely right in this case, David…

    As I knew, over 40% of the website owners don’t even know what the SEO is and for, and only less than 10% of people will really benefit from the SEO…

    If you’re knowing your needs better, than you’ll certainly get a greater performance for your site!

  3. Well, if i was planning to hire SEO consultant for site, i would be definitely passionate about it :). The problem is some people thing that is enough to pay for some service and leave it as is, in thoughts that there is nothing more they have to do. At least that is needed is exactly passionating.

  4. It is like anything else. Delegating is good to a point, in fact, absolutely necessary. But you have to take responsibility for your own results. It’s just like a visit to the doctor. You listen to his advice, you ask about pros and cons, then you make a decision.

  5. Most probable SEO customers are not ranked well as their businesses are not special and have little to no competitive advantage.

  6. I get it all the time. Clients keep coming back and asking more and more questions, and I get more excited about the project and tend to do more work and give more advice … for free! If a client doesn’t follow up it seems they don’t care as much about their project, and that lack of enthusiasm effects my level of committment to the project.

  7. Yes it may be difficult to get clients to implement SEO efforts, but quite often the biggest challenge happens when your communication is with say, marketing, but they need to in turn convey this information to a web designer. Now you’re dealing with two decision makers who, as we know, don’t always communicate well together.

  8. I think that to take benefit from SEO u should wait for some time..
    I see people around who are so crazy .. SEO is a slow and steady process..
    U just dont get at once on Top Ranking in Google..!!
    Just Relax and You get the results..!!

  9. I agree, the most challenging thing is to get the clients to follow through on suggestions. There are often many departments to deal with when working with a larger organization, and often any improvements or ideas put forward by you are either lost in translation or simply do not get translated at all. I always ask for direct access with the chief decision maker before accepting any project.

  10. Undoudtely intersting view,but I think
    A correct strategy to promote a website requires optimisation and constant upgrades that only a specialised consultant can achieve.
    There are a lot of benefits by using SEO. You get guaranteed quality backlinks and constant increase in website traffic month after month.

  11. I agree that you get what you put in to any project, many people can not afford to hire SEO companies such as myself, but if in fact you if are passionate and more so patient you will manage to make it to the top and even make some money, for those who think seo marketing is easy they need to look again because it can be tedious and plain out frustrating, but once you make your first small income the rewards and hard work are all worth it.

  12. An SEO is not really an SEO if there not passionate about there clients websites! You have to be passionate to be able to do a good job and walk that extra mile for your client in my opinion.