New Google RankCheck Tool is Released!

Just kidding.  There is no new Google RankCheck tool.  But there should be.  A couple days ago, I reported on how Google has finally blocked automated searches by software such as WebPosition.  This creates a vacuum in the marketplace – a vacuum best filled by…Google!

Yes, I think Google should announce a new GoogleCheck tool, and here is why. 

Google says that automated rank-checking tools should be avoided because it taxes Google’s servers.  OK, let’s take this argument at face value.  Automated checking does add a tremendous volume to the number of searches.  I gave an example the other day of how one website adds 1200 searches.  If that is done responsibly once every 4 – 6 weeks, ad there are a mere 1000 websites searching, the burden is not too big, especially if most of the searches are happening at off-hours when Google’s servers are underused.  However, if 100,000 websites are doing automated searches every day during peak usage hours, perhaps digging deeper into the SERPs, that could start taxing Google’s servers.

Let’s further assume that Google has a hidden agenda.  Let’s assume it does not like automated rank checking because people are getting a free ride from Google – conducting billions of searches without ever visiting Google and being exposed to paid search advertising.  Let’s face it, why should Google give away huge volumes of free search to webmasters without requiring them to view the PPC ads that bring in Google’s revenues?

So how would Google RankCheck help Google?

First, Google could control when and how automated searches occurred.  It could, for instance queue the automated searches for the next available down turn in bandwidth usage, or it could simply schedule it at an appropriate hour.  Problem solved.

Second, it could make money, which is what a corporation like Google is supposed to do.  Instead of giving away tons of free search to webmasters who don’t even visit Google to make the searches, Google could sell the software.  An official Google RankCheck tool would sell much, much better than Web Position.  Google could make a beautiful case, too:

“We are in search.  Manual search of one phrase at a time is free to everyone, including webmasters checking how they rank.  However, if you want to conduct bulk searches, you can purchase Google RankCheck for a modest fee.”

There would be advantages for webmasters, too.  Google could give people the option of viewing rankings in various locales.  For instance, if I want to see how my website is ranking in San Francisco, Chicago and Miami, I could specify that (you know how Google results differ from place to place).

Perhaps there are other advantages for Google or for webmasters.  Why not share your thoughts on that with readers by posting your comment below.


  1. An interesting thought and clearly a nice earner for Google if they followed your thoughts ! Tell me… have you got the name registered ? LOL

  2. Hi Martin. I have not registered the name. Why don’t you? But if they do use my idea, I would love a private (all expense paid) tour of the GooglePlex. That would be pretty amazing!

  3. after release chrome browser, peoples are waiting more tools, softwares from Google. people loves quality of Google services.

    I used rank checker of and its 95% ok in accuracy purpose but it’d be great if G can look into this ideas so it will great News for all the SEO.


  4. Aw … why you got to go and lead us on with a cool headline like that? 🙂

  5. Sorry, Barry. I guess it’s like the song says…”Too much fun, what’s that mean?”

  6. Surprise, surprise… Google does have a Rank Checker. Ever downloaded your Webmaster Tools reports?

  7. One thing that was left out in this blog post;

    What’s the actual benefit to a site owner or SEO to check a rank on a phrase in Google? What does that actually tell you that you could not find out and know by analyzing your log files and/or stats program?…… even do it better.