Making Your Blog a Destination in Your Niche

One of my clients wants to create a blog that will really stand out in her niche and become a destination.  She asked for a few tips, so here is what I suggested: 

1. Unique topic – anything that people have not heard before, surprises or even shocks, cuts through the clutter and gives practical advice (where people usually find a 20  minute speech), or is edgy or controversial. 

2. Participation via comments – invite participation and get people returning. Although my blog is almost a hobby (when pressed for time, client work comes first, so sometimes I go as much as a month between posts), I have done three things technically that have increased participation: 1) I made it a do-follow blog, so more people come to comment on it, making it a more happening place.  2) I am trying to respond to comments with follow-up comments, for the same result. 3) My WordPress sends me two notices, one when a comment is posted for me to moderate, and a second when the comment goes live.  To this second email, I respond with a note like this:

I approved your comment, so please don’t forget to social bookmark the post.  Because mine is a DoFollow blog, your website will benefit from the SEO-friendly link.  It is therefore to your advantage to give this page some link juice by social bookmarking it.  You will see at the bottom of the post some icons for one-click social bookmarking:
Or it would be even better if you could share some of my ramblings with your readers by blogging about them and linking back to the original posts.  🙂

This has gotten me some social bookmarks and also has lead to a few other link exchanges. 

3. Social bookmarking – I have a free script for that at 

4. Building big communities at,,, and probably a few others.  There probably is a good way to promote it also through article directory communities such as .

5. Guest post exchanges can be good, bringing new perspectives to your blog and reaching out to the audiences of other blogs.

6. Posting really insightful comments on well-read blogs can also lead to others following your link — but you have to get there early, before the crowds have come and gone.

7. I have found that just visiting blogs listed at MyBlogLog has resulted in the bloggers visiting my blogs.  A lot of bloggers watch for a new face to show up on their widget, and they visit the blogs in return.  If you have great content, they’ll be back.


  1. Social bookmarking may be a waste of time and effort if the site is B2B. These filks are curious and not much more. They don’t buy.

  2. Great tips. I especially think #2 is a good idea. I will have to get on and personalize the response to comments to get people to bookmark or link. It may be only a small link, but still…every bit helps, right?

  3. Indeed, Jamie, every bit counts. And that is the point. A blog is about lots of little things done right, building a presence and a sense of activity and getting people to return.

    So, hopefully you will social bookmark this page, too. 😉

  4. Great post. I’m helping my wife start a new blog in a massive, massive niche that branches out into many categories. She’ll be posting 5-10 blog posts a day. What hit home to me is # 5… guest posts. Our goal is to have 10-20 guests posting on the blog daily. As far as how to make that happen – I’ll be going into uncharted territory. Any ideas?

  5. It’s always good to approach blogging with an attitude as well… don’t just sit on the fence all the time… show opinion and don’t be afraid to attack attack attack…

  6. Hi Andy. You might have noticed that on this blog I am not afraid to sometimes be a bit iconoclastic. It sure makes blogging more fun, too!