SEO definitions

If you are new to SEO, you might be flabbergasted by all the definitions. For instance, just what is a 3-way link exchange? To me, it is a futile attempt by some webmasters to pretend they are smarter than both the algorithm engineers at Google and Google’s awesome computing power. Speaking of algorithm, do you know what that is?

I have found a great resource for SEO newbies that explains these and many more SEO terms in very simple, straightforward language. Check out the simple SEO definitions here.


  1. Howdy,

    Since I am also new to SEO functionalities. Is there a resource/guides that you can recommend for the newer SEO’s?

  2. Probably the best resource is High Rankings forum at

    There is a great library of articles and posts for newbies that gives a pretty good overview of most of the important issues, and there are many helpful people discussing issues and techniques on the forum.

  3. Ahh! Thank you very much for the link

  4. Excellent resources for learning basic about SEO for new comers. Thanks for providing this.

  5. Nice description and definitions of SEO for people to learn SEO basics.Thanks for sharing it

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