A fly swatter for your marketing

This is a poignant reminder of how the little things really do matter. It’s a story of how a $0.95 fly swatter improved Nick’s productivity by 1000%. Imagine that. No more flies buzzing around his ears, and Nick can now blog 10 times a day (although, it would appear that he has invested his newfound productivity in some other fashion).

What little irritants are getting in your way and reducing your productivity? Instead of just waving them away, only to wave them away again, and again, and again, is there a simple solution you could turn to that would remove the problem?

Now think about your website. Are there aspects that are underperforming or little impediments that are making it function less efficiently. Perhaps you ask one question too many on a form and you get fewer subscribers to your newsletter than you ought to. Or perhaps by not giving shipping charges up front, many people abandon your shopping cart. Whatever the problem, could it go away with a simple fix?

Now if you’ll pardon me, I’m off to buy a fly swatter.


  1. Thanks for commenting on my post about the fly swatter and distractions!

  2. I’m too off to buy a fly swatter 🙂

  3. Well for me my current distraction is a new person who is turning out to be extremely special. I think I will hold off on the swatting and keep him around a bit.

  4. My flyswatter is a 22″ monitor. Well, it cost a bit more than .99 cents. It solved a lot of problems and I no longer wear glasses.

  5. I have a mchine that has a blue light and zaps the flies so I never have to sit up or move from the monitor. costs more than 99c but at $8 is still very productive.

    Think of how much time you lose missing those flies with the swatter?


  6. Just for the record, this was supposed to be a discussion about little investments making a big difference in productivity…not a discussion about flyswatters!

  7. And I though it was ideas buzzing around when I got distracted.

    Get me a double handed swatter.

  8. Another good way to improve your productivity is to map out every single thing you’re doing every day. Give it 1 month and take a day off to evaluate what you did the past 30 days, look for patterns & things you shouldn’t do at all and I bet you will increase your productivity the next month 😮


  9. And I though it was ideas buzzing around when I got distracted.

    Get me a double handed swatter.

  10. Wow. Your article got me thinking about the little things that hindered my productivity in a day to day basis. I guess we all have our little flies buzzing under our ears.