Reputation Management – more than just SEO

A couple days ago I blogged about SEO for reputation management.  Today, as I was reading Kimberly Bock’s blog, I was reminded by her It All Comes Out In The Wash post of all the work that goes into protecting one’s reputation before it ever gets to the point where an SEO defense is needed. 

Reputation management starts with communicating your values and sticking to them.  It means being the reputation you want to have.  If you want to be seen as a square dealer, you have to be one.  If you want to be known for excellence, you better have excellence.  SEO is a protection against the odd fool who will strike as the good and the bad alike.


  1. thanks for the reference. i love this, “It means being the reputation you want to have.” terrific way of saying that. it seems so simple doesn’t it? but if it were, i guess less people would need to take seo measures for counter-action. 😉

    thanks again.

  2. I think this is a bit naive. Obviously you would do well to have the characteristics you wish to be perceived as having, but in the long run the appearance is more important than the truth. I would phrase it more along the lines of, if you want to be seen as square dealer, you have to always be thinking about seeming to be one.