Location of Google Data Centers

Hang around any webmaster forum long enough and you will run into the newbie question, “How come I don’t see the same results as my friend in San Francisco or Mexico City?” And the predictable answer, “Because Google serves up slightly different results from different data centers” or “Because Google has updated one of its data centers earlier than another, so just be patient until it updates all its data centers”.

But exactly where are these data centers. Today I present you with some clues, and I will explain why I use the word “clues”.

Here is a map of all the Google data centers around the world:
World map of Google data centers

Here is a map of the Google data centers in North America (Yes, there is one in Canada):
Google data centers in USA

And for our European readers, here is a map of data centers in Europe, from Russia to Ireland:
Google data centers in Europe

These maps were found through an interesting blog post on Google data centers at Pingdom.  These maps are based on a data center list at Data Center Knowledge.

Interestingly, when you search Google Maps, here is what it shows:

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Just another example of the search engines not delivering their own information as well as they deliver others’?