Google gets social with StumbleUpon

For the past week, I have been noticing three little icons beside certain entries in the search results.  One of them is the StumleUpon logo, and when hovering my cursor over the logo it says “read 4 reviews” , or whatever number applies to that listing.  The other two logos, stars and a word bubble, are attached to the same StumbleUpon reviews.

So what does this mean?  Well, for starters, it is one whopper of an endoresement of StumbleUpon.  Just for fun, I googled “Google buys StumbleUpon” to see if the obvious is true, and surprisingly the results show that Google actually bought a “competitor” to StumbleUpon not that long ago.  Perhaps that makes this an even stronger endorsement.

In any event, what this means for you and your websites:

1. Make sure you get your website reviewed.

2. Make sure you get your website positively rated.

I am certain that before long, stumbling client pages will become a standard tactic of all SEO specialists.  In fact, there might even one day be a StumbleUpon arms race, just as there has developed a link-exchange arms race these days.  If you don’t have your StumbleUpon account yet, it’s time to sign up. 

So if you like this blog or even just this post, please take a moment to click “I like it!” on your StumbleUpon toolbar and write a wonderfully glowing review. 


  1. I’d love to hear what fellow Stumblees have seen as far as StumbleUpon traffic converting. I’ve had as many as 2,000 StumbleUpon hits on a product page, with one measly sale. I think it’s safe to say that when people are Stumbling, they’re firmly in browsing mode (at least as far as the Shopping category goes). One more Stumble point: Kids love it. In fact, my 9 year old is the person who told me about it first!

  2. Just a follow-up. It appears the StumbleUpon links appear only in browsers with the StumbleUpon toolbar. So I see it, but my wife does not. This won’t grow StumbleUpon’s market, but it will help consolidate it, and those people who do see the StumbleUpon icons will be likely to be impressed by them.