Optimize for misspellings

Your PPS is cute, what with the “translaters” !  :o)

That was part of a query I received from a lady needing translation of a French medical document into English.  She was refering to the following paragraph from my “free lance englishfrench translaters” page.

P.P.S.: If you came searching for a free lance frenchenglish translater or free-lance englishfrench translaters, you won’t be the first to make a little spelling booboo. That’s OK; it’s our job to make sure that your final translated text is error-free.

This is just a cute way to get a few misspellings tactfully into the text of the page.  When someone searches for “free lance translater”, their real intention is to find a “freelance translator”, so including the text on the page is one good way to help them find hwat they meant to type, not what they actually typed.

Is this appropriate?  Are we tricking the search engines?  Not at all.  We are helping people find what they want.  It is always wise to include as many variations of a word as possible.  It is for that reason that writing naturally makes sense.  Writing just for a keyword, say “Freelance French English Translator” would not sound right.  Variations of these words should also appear on the page, such as “translation” and “translators” and maybe “translating”.

Including misspellings is another way of covering the various combinations of searches people might eb undertaking


  1. There's also a trick to use "gibberish" keywords, which are just your keywords but typed with another keyboard layout, as people quite often forget to change it between English and Russian, etc.

  2. Hmm, this is a good idea I have never thought about. I find it hard to do it for a professional business website though. You have obviously found a good solution. Thanks for the tipp.

  3. Well, google do help users out with the "did you mean…" query on misspellings. I think a good way of doing it might be a little box on each post or whatever saying "misspellings of.. (your keywords)" so at least you're upfront about it.

  4. I do some SEO for a translation company, and believe it or not: “translaters” actually brings a lot of traffic! So I definitely think those keywords can be worth optimizing for. I dont like the gibberish keyword suggestion though (by Mykhailo), that is taking it a bit far IMO.

  5. Finnish Translator says

    Funny, I never thought misspellings were so common, but how to make these misspelled keywords appear on my page without seeming unprofessional? If misspelling is so common I dont think translators will be out of business any time soon, so this is good news.