Crazy Egg Website Conversions

Here is another great free tool, which can also be upgraded for a cost.  Crazy Egg offers some simple website conversion analytics.  I have taken the free version for a spin, and I might just sign up for the paid version at some point. 

The folks at Crazy Egg give you a tiny snippet of code to add to your page, then they start tracking clicks.In the case of the page I am testing it on for the past 4 days, there have been 341 visits, resulting in 116 clicks.  Is this a good conversion percentage.  It seems ludicrous to me that anybody would want to visit a page and not at least go one click deep into the site…unless the site is something totally different than what they are looking for.  However, this page is very much what it appears to be in the search engines (it’s main source of traffic).

The “Overlay” view shows that there were 17 links on this home page that were clicked.  First piece of useful information is that one of those clicks was the privacy page.  Yes, people read the privacy page so make sure that it makes your privacy policy very clear in an easy to read, non-legalese fashion.Second piece of useful information is that people do click on your links pages, so make sure you keep your message in front of them when they visit.

Next is the “List” view, where you can see a list of each link and how often it was clicked in absolute and percentage terms.  In the case of this page, 20% of visitors clicked a “buy now” call to action from the home page.  Is that good?  Could the page sell better?  I have no basis of comparison, but over time I am sure I will know…especially if I make changes and then test them.Most of the clicks went to links that look like they provide more information, essentially two different pages.  So those pages need to sell, and need to offer more opportunities t click the “buy now” button.

The “Heat Map” view shows very clearly that on this page, with a fair amount of text, there are nevertheless a strong number of people who keep reading and then click toward the bottom of the text.  In fact, some click the “buy now” button (Good thing we provided lots of text on the page so as not to lose them.) and many more click from there to the pages for more information…meaning that people want to make informed buying decisions, and you can’t provide too much information, as long as you give people options to buy at intervals.

This is a very useful website conversions tool because of its simple user interface that lets you visually see the difference when you make changes, which makes testing easier for those who are less mathematically-inclined!


  1. Very nice little tool, thanks for bringing this up, I’ve been testing various tool for awhile now trying to gain as much information about my visitors as possible so I can increase my page conversions on a variety of my sites, if this one turns out to be a keeper I’ll have to also write about it on my blog.

    Thanks Again for the input and I love the new look of the blog even though I’ve not seen the old one this on is very web 2.0

  2. have you looked into hittail? I like its interface a lot better than crazy egg.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion, Greg.

    I just had a peek and it looks like HitTail offers a slightly different service – real time viewing of what search terms lead. As soon as I return from my daughter’s sclas field trip, I will take it for a test drive!

    (And if anyone else has some other great ideas, please add them here!

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