Younanimous – AfterVote

I have a new favorite search engine: .  Younanimous has just changed its name to AfterVote, but it remains at the same URL. Why is this such a cool engine?  For three reasons:

1. It provides a hybrid of Google, Yahoo and MSN, so results are not skewed by one engine’s particuylar preoccupations.

2. It allows you to customize results more than the big ones.  You can filter out PDF document, for example.  

3. It gives more info at your finger tips. In addition to the individual results of Google, Yahoo and MSN, it gives Alexa data, Google PageRank, Compete data and WhoIs data for each result.  

Here are a few ways to use AfterVote:

1. To quote for new SEO clients, one can more quickly determine how competitive the field is by searching for a couple of the top search terms.  At Google, I would have to click on several results to see their PageRank and how well they are optimized on-page.  Here I can quickly see the PageRank of all the top players and whether they are the same players across all the engines (800 pound gorillas) or whether the results are more fickle (much less competitive). 

2. For a website owner, this can be used as a keyword research tool.  Hmmm, do I optimize for “hotel jobs” or for “hotel careers”?  This is much more intuitive and probably more reliable than KEI data.

3. Only one result returned per domain.  Note that Alexa and Compete are domain-specific data, not page specific, so they are good for broad assessment goals: which sites would make good JV partners, which would be good for link exchange, which might be good for advertising, etc.

4.  For people who are afraid to use Web Position or other rank-checking software, they can quickly see how they are doing across the three engines for their top keywords.

5. One weakness is that it returns only 10 results from Google, whereas you can set it for 100 at Yahoo and 50 at MSN.  Hopefully this will be upgraded somehow.