Testing the NoFollow Attribute II

On February 5, I announced a test of the NoFollow attribute.  It seems that Google is still respecting it.  That’s good, I suppose.  But also too bad, given Wikipedia’s decision (see previous post).


  1. Have you observed any increase in either pagerank or placement in serps that can be positively attributed to the use of nofollow?

    Admittedly, my own experiments with this topic have left me scratching my head. The only observable difference I noticed was the little red box over the nofollow links. No substantial increases in traffic or placement in SERPS (in any major engine) could be attributed to PR sculpting using the nofollow attribute.

  2. I wish I could say that I could see a difference. We always love to quantify the things we do. Unfortunately, there are so many factors that affect rankings that we can do 100 things right, 100 things wrong, or split them 50/50 and never be sure what works and what does not.

    I can tell you that I tested the idea that having an optimized link followed by Google prior to an optimized link does make a big difference. But PageRank would not be affected, just relevance.

    That being said, check out my post at http://www.seo-writer.com/blog/2008/04/09/yahoo-violating-nofollow-attribute/ …and I have since noticed this with Google, too.