Fuelmyblog – The Great Wall of Blogs

Where can you find the most blogs all on one page (actually on five theme-based pages)?  Fuelmyblog – The Great Wall of Blogs lists 625 blogs per page.  Each one is displayed with an Avatar.  All you have to do is scroll over the Avatar to find view the details.

Suppose you have a web page that could be of interest to any food-related blogger.  All you have to do is keep scrolling across until you find such a blog.  You don’t have to click from page to page.  This makes it easy.

The link above is the page where you will find this blog (top row, 7th from the corner, The Happy Guy Marketing logo)

My weekly happiness blog is also listed. Look for the happy face near the upper left corner.

At this point I see that the home page is full, and the other four pages are filling fast, so if you own a blog, get in there now.  From an SEO perspective, the links are redirects, so they might not bring any “link juice”, but I am one of those who think that Google reads more than it lets on.  In any event, it takes very little time to post a blog, and I am sure that most bloggers will increase their readership over time as word gets out.